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10-07-2011, 17:01
Somewhat new to O&G so bare with me.

01 Black Orc Warboss: Basha's Axe, Armour of Silver Steel - 260

01 NG Shaman (lvl2): Power Stone, Talis of End. - 135

20 Black Orcs: FC, Razor Standard - 320

10 Savage Orc Big'Uns: FC, Extra Weap, Shield - 155

05 Spider Riders: FC - 100

02 Goblin Wolf Chariot - 100

22 Night Gobbos: FC, Spears, 2 Fanatics - 140

21 Night Gobbos: FC, Nets, Spears, Fanatic - 160

20 Night Gobbo Archers: FC - 90

01 Troll - 35

TOTAL: 1495

Note: According to Army Builder, I can run savage orcs with extra weap & shields. Is that legit or is it an overlooked error on their part? I've never run savage orcs before so... I added it for the +6 armour save before warpaint ward but if it's not legit then it's easily dropped. /shrug

11-07-2011, 14:42
Yes, as written you can.

24-08-2011, 11:44
You can, but it make almost no sence to do it. Use one of them as you cant benefit from shield while frenzied or when using ad hw.

24-08-2011, 11:54
Main comment is that your blocks are too small. Orcs and Goblins need numbers!

I never run goblins in units smaller than 40, unless they're specifically meant as a bunker. They die so fast that you need the numbers to remain steadfast. Combine into one big unit with nets, and I'd recommend shields for sirvivability. (The extra 5 attacks from spears aren't going to kill anyone, and the shields gives you a 6+ save, then a 6+ parry so will save a third of your losses).

Combine the Black orcs and Savage orcs into a horde unit, which will then have some real punch. (Also, why the razor banner? Black orcs are strength 7 when they want to be, so anything with less than a 1+ save is going to be dying anyway)

Spider riders - why the full command? Musician only is more normal.

The chariots are good for support.

If you can scrape the points together, add a few more trolls to make that a second punchy unit. 6 trolls have good hitting power for not much cost - just remember to keep them near your general.

24-08-2011, 17:05
Hi, I agree that you have way too many small units and that O n G is about taking large blocks of infantry.
For a 1500 point game are you dead set on the BLorc Warboss? A regular Orc Warboss with Basha's Axe (every Orc Warboss takes this weapon, Thanks GW for giving us only a couple of options), and some sort of ward save such as Talisman of Preservation. He costs less (around 218). I play a defensive game in the magic phase and have found that the usefull Little Wagghh spells are the augments that have a casting value of 8+. If you take a Night Goblin Shaman, you probably don't need the Power Stone. I would recommend a Dispel Scroll or Earthing Rod.
The 10 savage orcs will get murdered before they get to attack. Just forget about them and take more black orcs.
The spider riders don't need a unit boss or standard. You will mostly use this unit for warmachine or wandering mage hunting. They are too weak to flank charge anything.
Definately keep the chariots. Try and combo charge a chariot and an infantry unit into one enemy unit. This usually breaks the enemy unit in one go.
The night gobbo archers should become night gobbos with hand weapon and shield because short bows are pure garbage. Combine all of the night gobbos into one unit with netters and 2 to 3 fanatics, and hand weapon and shields and full command. Now you have a unit of 60+ night gobins that can go horde and still be steadfast since most other armies at the 1500 point level will have trouble putting together a unit that big. The fanatics will damage enemies as they charge in or keep pesky fast cav away. Either way it is entertaining to see what they do. It also won't matter if the fanatics come back through your unit because you have 60+ bodies to absorb the damage. War machines lose alot of their effectivness against a unit that big. You can walk straight towards a cannon or pair of bolt throwers and not worry.
I just played in a tournament this past weekend and a unit of 50 Night Goblins with hand weapon and shield, netters and fanatics held up a unit of 9Black knights lead by a Wight King for 4 rounds until the end of the game.
Which reminds me, where is your battle standard? All O n G armies NEED a BSB! You must have one, this is not a recomendation, this is a requirement. Take a goblin give it some sort of armor and ward save (even Gambler's Armor).
Another reason for taking fewer but larger units is that your army will fit into the general's leadership and the Bsb's re-roll bubble. A third reason for taking fewer but larger units is because of animosity. Fewer units means fewer rolls. It also means faster deployment (O n G always want to go first even if it isn't tactically sound). It also means not having to deploy units behind one another.
With O n G you will want to expand your model collection and try new units out in the future. I have really enjoyed that aspect of O n G over the years. Just because a particular unit or item is not the favoured game winning thing it doesn't mean it isn't fun to use every once in awhile.