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11-07-2011, 16:15
So Wednesday I'm hosting a small tournament for about 6 people (including myself). One of the players can't come so it looks like I'll be filling in for him. I figured I'll bring my Tomb Kings. Here's my list.

Liche High Priest w/ Talisman of Preservation, Power Stone, lvl 4

Tomb Prince w/ Great Weapon, Iron Curse Icon, Armour of Silvered Steel
Liche Priest w/ Light, Dispell Scroll, lvl 1
Necrotect w/ Glittering Scales

20 Archers w/ Standard
20 Archers w/ Standard
6 Chariots w/ Standard, Banner of Eternal Flame

38 Tomb Gaurd w/ Champion, Standard, Standard of the Undying Legion
3 Necropolis Knights w/ Champion
Tomb Scorpion

Screaming Skull Catapult

Total- 2198

11-07-2011, 16:27
Why no Casket?

Jack of Blades
11-07-2011, 17:56
The mighty w3rm is unstoppable! may Sigmar show pity to the man who dares bar the mighty w3rms way :p

11-07-2011, 18:05
I voted 2, but I'm hoping for 3 ;)

11-07-2011, 21:32
Why no Casket?

I just havent gotten around to converting one yet.

There will be 2 lizardmen, 1 vampire, 1 dwarf, 1 orc and goblin and me :D

12-07-2011, 16:22
not sure what "getting boned" means where you're from w3rm but a warhammer battle report was definitely not what i expected to see lol. good luck!

13-07-2011, 23:27
Well the tournament was today and it really was a ton of fun. Dweller, Gateway, Mindrazor, Purple Sun and the dreaded 13th were all banned.

My first game was up against a lizardman player.

Slann w/ Banehead, Becalming Cogition, Diadem of Power

EOTG W/ Plaque of Tepok

12 Skinks
36 Saurus w/ Spears + Full Command
36 Saurus w/ Spears + Full Command
8 Cold One Cav w/ Full Command
2 Salamanders

basically this game game went very well for me in the beginning. I used my tombstar to demolish his two saurus units and my chariots killed his slann and his cold one cavalry. However he managed to sneak around and slam his engine and grab the two fanatic like slaves objective his archer unit was holding. Without those two objectives and then he snagged another one with his engine. I didn't have anything fast enough to get to the other side of the board and he beat me there. I got 10 battle points and He got 17.

My next game was with a relatively newish vampire player. He had

Mannfred on a steed
Vampire on steed
2 necros on corpse carts

12 ghouls
22 skeletons
5 bat swarms
5 blood knights

his list was very illegal (thought you had to pay for carts twice and batswarms counted for core.) but we didn't care we just played a game!

He deployed very poorly and put his bloodknights w/ vampires and mannfred on the very far flank. I guess he was hoping to crush my flank and roll up the middle. My catapult and archers knocked his vhargulf down to 1 wound before it charged the catapult and then the crew killed it and he killed the crew! Both initiative 2 so they struck at the same time. I managed to get a suped up Dessication off on the blood knights (-3 to t and Str!) and rear charged with my knights and scorpion. The knights kill off all the blood knights and then in a later turn my scorpion killing blowed off Mannfred and the knights then killed his vampire. He called the game at this point.

got 23 battle points here for a massacre, controlling the hill and killing his general

game 3

Awesome game! this scenario was were there was a piece of terrain and you had to control it at the end of the game! Whoever was closest had loremaster death and autochanneled.

This was a game against our very own warmong3r!! cHe played greenskins and took

Warboss w/ Sword of bloodshed, luckstone, helm of discord
Lvl 4 gobbo shaman w/ wand of jet

orc big boss w/ xtra choppa
orc big boss w/ xtra choppa
orc big boss w/ xtra choppa
orc big boss w/ xtra choppa
orc big boss w/ xtra choppa
orc bsb w/ sheild, razor standard

30 orc big uns w/ spears, sheilds, full command
20 arrer boyz w/ musician
30 goblins w/ spears, sheilds, 3 skulkers
30 goblins w/ spears, sheilds, 3 skulkers
30 goblins w/ spears, sheilds, 3 skulkers
30 goblins w/ spears, sheilds, 3 skulkers
30 goblins w/ spears, sheilds, 3 skulkers

this was a great game. I shot up some of his goblin units and waited for him to advance up. I shot up my chariots and then crushed his arrere boyz and overran behind his lines. Then I slammed my tomb gaurd simultaneosly in his shamans unit and his warbosses biguns and his shamans goblins who were also flanked by my necro knights.. I killed his bsb, his shaman and his boss in challenges and by dropping attacks onto the charachters. His warboss munched my champion but it was too late and I ovverran both of these units.

It was then just a matter of picking off his smaller vulnerable units wit chariots and necroknights while my tombstar gaurded the ziggurat thingy.

So the day ended up with one minor loss and 2 massacres with a total of 56 victory points. I ended up second overall with 6 people total attending. With the lack of superspells it seemed like vicotry was more due to critical hexes and outmanuvering your opponent and it seemed to me at least that the static armies fell where those that moved and actively sought to exploit flanks and weak battle lines were those that triumphed. Thanks for reading!

15-07-2011, 02:00
Where did all the orc characters go? It seems like tks are pretty versatile and can handle anything with a general list, but do you think maybe this was due to what you happened to face?

15-07-2011, 14:40
The Orc bosses went with the night goblin units to give ld and a bit of extra punch.

I would say that yes: tomb kings are very versatile and with a bit of tactics and forethought can deal with most armies fairly well.

23-07-2011, 05:08
Gratz W3rmy...nice job on the tourney placement. Next time we wants longer reports with pictures please!


24-07-2011, 15:48
Gratz W3rmy...nice job on the tourney placement. Next time we wants longer reports with pictures please!


I'll do my best sir!