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12-07-2011, 04:17
So, I need a little help.. I play against only heavy armored armies.. (lizardmen, dwarves, and woc.. Mostly woc)

When i started collecting back in the day.. I had no idea how to play skaven( plague censer bearers and globadiers were still attachments)

So as that goes I have an army I play.. I'd like to stick to the style somewhat.

Here's the list

1- thanquol and boneripper
1- bsb shroud of dripping death
1- engineer condenser, and doom rocket lvl 2 wizard
1- assassin potion of str. Weeping blade
1- assassin warpstone stars

35 clanrats shield, full command( assassin with potion goes here+ thanquol+ bsb) with warpfire thrower
30 clanrats with spears+ warpfire thrower ( engineer goes here)
25 slaves
10 giant rats w/ packmaster ray dart
8 giant rats w/ packmaster ray dart

6 jezzails
5 gutter runners
5 gutter runners
5globadiers w/ Pwm

2 warplightning cannon

12-07-2011, 04:22
Hmm- need more slaves like 60+-. Slaves get **** done.

12-07-2011, 05:17
Yes more slaves would be awesome.. Especially with my template heavy list.

I can only think of removing gutter runners.. As woc are pretty much the only army I face. They seem useless. And it would make room for 60+ slaves.. Althought the enemy would love these guys as they give up handfulls of combat res and I have no heavy hitters to side charge.. I'm thinking.. Removing the gutter runners.. Add slaves and a number of gutter runners or another doom wheel

Jolly Puggles
12-07-2011, 09:54
I appreciate that you want to keep to the theme you have, which I'm assuming is a Skyre/Eshin mix(?). However, you appear to have spent an awful lot on characters that will simply be outclassed by your opponents. Both Lizardmen and Dwarves are capable of fielding characters that have, far and away, better combat stats than yours, even your Assassins. I would suggest toning down the characters, simply because they can't compete. Focus on areas in which you can. Warlocks without magic levels are a cheap way to pick up the tasty Skyre toys, namely the Brass Orb (Lizards and Dwarves both have typically low Initiative), Death Globe (to bypass high Armour Saves) and Doomrocket (because it's awesome!). Warlocks with magic levels are great for spamming Warp Lightning. Thanquol is great, but possibly a little pricey in this list and Boneripper is going to be a marginal asset at best. A Grey Seer sitting tight on a Bell costs 10pts less and is probably going to have more impact on the game; better LoS, Impact Hits for the unit pushing it (which is, let's face it, about the only casualties the unit pushing it is going to cause) and a tasty Ward Save that doesn't kill your own troops.

Your troops choices suffer the same problem as your characters. Against the armies you're going up against, you're just not going to compete. Skaven don't do 'small but elite force' very well...Lizards and Dwarves do. The Gutter Runners will struggle to do much of anything due to lack of numbers, the Giant Rat units are insignificantly small and will rarely get through the almost universally heavier armour of your opponents and you only have 5 Globadiers. The Jezzails are great at killing knights, but are too few to deal with the Heavy Infantry that you're going up against. At best, I can see this army struggling to kill a few models before it gets flattened by the steamroller tactics of its' opponents.

Put simply, you need to be putting more models on the table; more Clanrats, more Slaves for a start. 30 C.Rats is not enough to withstand the sort of infantry or cavalry your opponent will be fielding. Stormvermin are one of the most cost-effective infantry in the game. Give a unit of 40 Stormvermin the Razor Standard and you'll have a unit that will gladly go toe-to-toe with Dwarf or Lizardmen Warriors and win, if only because there's simply more of you than them.

Drop the Gutter Runners and focus more on your Jezzails or Globadiers. Depending on how you've equipped the Gutter Runners, you'll have somewhere between 120-200pts give or take. Bump your Globadiers up to 10 models; for a mere 50pts you get to stay on the table beyond your 2nd casualty and get an extra 5 attacks. You've probably then got enough to field a second unit similar. There's a bit of room for manoeuver with numbers, but I'd be aiming for two units, each with a PW-Mortar. If you can squeeze a Bombadier and Death Globe into either/both units, all the better.

If you want a Clan Moulder presence in your army, drop the Rats and go with R.Ogres. They've got hitting power to actually make an impact that the Rats simply can't match. Even one minimum sized Rat Ogre Pack will do more against Lizards and Dwarves than those two Giant Rat Packs put together.

As for your Rare choices, I'd personally drop one of the Cannon to make up the points for some of the other stuff I'd want, but that would really be a personal preferance. WLC are pretty awesome when they hit.

Anyways, I hope the above helps. Good Luck!