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El Antiguo Guardián
12-07-2011, 12:46
Well, i´m going to start a warhammer leage. We are going to use the ETC rules.
Another players use dwarfs, higth elves, empire, and i think VC. I don´t know all the armies they are going to use.
This week i need to play my 1ºst battle. I don´t know anything about my rival.
So this is my list:
-Vampire lord, general, hate without limits, blood fury, crimsom coat, dragon-killer gem, magic level 3 and conflict sword, lord of ghouls. 425
-Wigth knigth, BSB, drankenhoff banner. 225
-Vampire, arcane knowledge, helmet of perception, call to ghouls. 180
-40 Ghouls (general unit) with champion. 328
-33x Ghouls with champion. 272
-5x Wolves. 40
-5x Wolvers. 40
-20x Grave Guards, banner, greatswords. 272
-20x Grave guards, banners, greatswords, infernal fire banner. 282
-Warghulf. 175
-3x Wigths. 150

BsB and vampire lord on 40 ghouls unit. Behind they, the 33 ghouls with the vampire.
Before the battle starts, the do a march movement.
On each side, 5 wolves shielding 20 grave guards. Then, the warghulf and the wigths are field depends on the enemy.
Tactic? Charge!! I play aggainst dwarfs and orcs, and the 40 ghouls unit is indestructible, no shoots, no battle units... Only fire. And, well, I can reborn my units.
Wish my luck!

El Antiguo Guardián
15-07-2011, 17:17
At ends, y play tomorrow.

El Antiguo Guardián
17-07-2011, 17:04
Well, i play my first blattle and i lost.
My enemy was a tomb king. He used a necrosphinx, 3 chariots, lvl4 great liche, lvl2 ligth liche, lvl1 ligth liche, 2x 35 skelletons, 2x20 skelleton bowmen, the skull lobber, 17 elite skeletons (i don´t know the correct name, they are the momies) with the king, and the casket of souls.

I had a bad deployment, I did not notice an item impassive, and I stuck them with my troops.
He flank and swept all my army, except the main unit of ghouls with heroes.
That of Ghouls loaded the two skeletons, and the catapult died by problems. I picked up some zombies and most died ... Very poorly played.
He win 16-4.
I haven´t got pics or best explanations. Maybe the next battle... :(

El Antiguo Guardián
20-07-2011, 13:33
2 hours to battle aggainst daemons of chaos.

El Antiguo Guardián
20-07-2011, 20:12
I lost...i need the another 9 battles to clean my honour...
He use the greater daemon of slaanesh, 5 dogs of khorne, 26 Imp with stubborn herald Battle Standard Bearer, 30 gored of khorne with herald with fired, 3 slaanesh devils and 6 Tzeentch incinerators.
I used the same army...i can´t change it (and i need to play 11 battles).
At turno 1 (i started), his gored charge my main unit of ghouls, and he kill the vampire lord (LETAL). The imps battle aggaints 20 grave guards, and the devils aggainst the varghulf (he don´t wound me, and the varghulf make´s 5 wounds!!).
Next, well, i start to lose units because i haven´t got the general, and...well...20-0. Bad game. If i woulnd´t deploy my vampire on the gored flank (i put the ghouls in front of the imps, to kill the BaB), maybe y will....not won the battle, but yes maybe end with 10-10, for example.

22-07-2011, 17:46
Yep, gotta protect your general better! Without him, you start losing pretty fast.

22-07-2011, 19:54
How do you run your Grave Guard units? If you run them 5x4 it may be better to try them 7x3. It also may be better to try out putting the Vampire Lord and the Wight King in one of the Grave Guard units.

It will make for a harder unit to pick off instead of the horde of Ghouls -which are nice by not Grave Guard by any means. Maybe also try putting your other Hero Vampire in the flamming attacks unit of Grave Guard, which can cause target priority problems.

Good luck man.

El Antiguo Guardián
23-07-2011, 09:35
But if i put the general and BsB in a grave guard unit, ghouls aren´t as powerfull as they are, so i only have 1-2 powerfull units. The problem is that i have 2x20 miniatures elit units. Instead of it, maybe i will need 1x30 grave guards unit, and 5-6 black knigths with fire banner. But i haven´t got black knigths (yet), so i can´t use that. Y need some vampire bats (they´re cool), but i haven´t got the miniatures (Yeah, i have 5000 points of vampires and i haven´t got the VC faster units...¡But i used mantic!).
About my general...well, maybe i will need the armour that protect me aggainst letal hits, but...If i used that, i wouldn´t have some good armour save.
Monday aggaints skaven...Come Rats!!

El Antiguo Guardián
25-07-2011, 14:57
Well, now i´m preparing my models in my bag, because... In 1 hour i will play aggainst skavens.

25-07-2011, 15:17
Good luck!

El Antiguo Guardián
25-07-2011, 21:25
Well, this was a bad battle.
My enemy used 3-4 units of 35 slaves, 3 of 20 clanrats (2 flamethrowers and one morter), 38 monks with BaB (Fire attacks), cauldron of the plague... Grey ser in one clanrats unit, 2 engineers, hellpit, wheel of death and the Warp Cannon. 2 units of 5 giant rats.
The flametrowers kill my main ghouls unit, my BaB go into 20 grave guards, the monks kill the grave guards but the BsB kill the skaven BsB (Letal).
Yhe vampire lord come into the 33 ghouls unit (well, at the moment they was 21 more or least), and the monks kill the unit...
5 wolves kill 5 rats, and then dead because the lord deads.
The 33 ghouls unit kill 7 plage bearers... The grave guards with fire makes 4 wounds to the hellpit, and then the dead...
The grey seer castell twice the 13 skill (to my main unit of ghouls), and kill... 22 more or lest. Then reduces 1 the resistence of the unit (vampire incluided). The other unit of grave guards kill the wheel... And the varghull 20 rats, engineer, and makes the grey seer teleport himself to another unit.
The cannon kill himself, but firts kill 2 cairn wraiths.
So....20-0, I think. Bad bad bad :(
Now, pics: