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12-07-2011, 18:23
[585] Greater Unclean One - Army General, Level 2 Wizard, Balesword, Stream of Bile

[165] Herald of Tzeentch - Level 2 Wizard, Master of Sorcery: Lore of Life (or Shadow), Spellbreaker
[215] Herald of Nurgle - Level 1 Wizard, Staff of Nurgle
[115] Herald of Khorne - Armor of Khorne

[325] 23 Plaguebearers of Nurgle - Plagueridden, Standard Bearer: Standard of Seeping Decay
[505] 38 Bloodletters of Khorne - Bloodreaper, Standard Bearer: Icon of Endless War
[060] 5 Chaos Furies
[060] 5 Chaos Furies

[175] 5 Flamers of Tzeentch
[055] 1 Fiend of Slaanesh
[055] 1 Fiend of Slaanesh
[090] Bloodcrusher of Khorne - Bloodreaper
[090] Bloodcrusher of Khorne - Bloodreaper

2495 pts. No points for musicians!

Even though I know 5 hounds get 10 wounds vs the 2W (each) the crushers get, I like highly mobile killy missiles.

Level 1 on the nurgle herald to throw another Miasma.

Still not sure on Disc - I could keep the Herald of tz near plaguebearers or slow down flamers a bit and keep him safe from cannon balls. I'd drop one champ upgrade or both champ upgrades actually, from the Crushers, to get the Disc, 2 musicians (in PBs and BLs) and a 39th letter.

13-07-2011, 08:17
The advice i can give you is basically from a semi-competitive view point, if you want more of a casual play stick with this.

I would remove stream of bile from the GUO, and i would give him Noxious Vapours. This will make sure that if he gets into a challange we will salughter the opponent before the opponent strikes.

-I would then remove the furies,
-I would then add another flamer,
-give the HoT a disc(this provides more movability),
-give HoK Firestorm Blade.(counter vs regen, and adds an extra -1 if his unit gets into cc with knights)
-add in musicians

Now this is your choice, flesh hounds are considered to be better then bloodcrushers because they are alot faster (swiftstride), and always seem to cause alot of pain in your opponent since they are MR 3. The best thing about fleshhounds is that your opponent will not consider them a threat, while when your opponent sees a bloodcrusher they are immediately afraid of it, and will either stay away from them or kill them first, which can be an advantage or disadvantage based on how the games going.