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12-07-2011, 18:33
Going to be playing a game of Storm of Magic tonight...

Storm of Magic, Page 30, The 3 Cantrip Spells: Magical Duel, Transagar's Transportation, Unbind Monster

Am i right to assume Cantrip spells follow the regular casting/dispelling rules? [unlike Cataclysm spells]


Can you cast Cantrip Spells with Irresistable Force?
[and with power scrolls/teclis/book of hoeth etc.]

Can you dispel Cantrip Spells with Irresistable Force?
[and with dispel scrolls/hex scrolls etc.]

The reason i ask is, because obviously Cataclysm spells have very specific rules against this, on Page 32

As discussed here:
And here:

12-07-2011, 19:53
That is correct, since they are not cataclysm spells, they follow all the normal rules for spellcasting.