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13-07-2011, 00:46
Reading the Dawn Sword, I was thinking of what it can do to if put on a Close Combat specialist character, such as a Vampire or possibly worse, a Chaos Lord/Exhaulted Champion. A WoC Lord or Hero has high enough initiative to go first in most challenges. Even if he doesn't Talisman of Preservation can offer good protection against what few things have higher Initiative or ASF. Even a vampire/Vampire Lord can be pretty damn dangerous with this thing.

WoC are more a threat with this thing as they get Eye of the gods, making them more lethal. A Tzeentch Lord with The Dawn Sword and Talisman of Preservation will butcher most anything in its path at Presence or Equalibrium and have a good chance against things like a KoS or BT.

I know there are other CC character combinations, but to my knowledge, WoC are near the top if not at the top of the Close combat food chain. I have no clue of Daemons can take it or not.

Who here thinks the Dawn Sword is worth the massive amount of points, and who thinks it could be better spent on monsters, pacts, or whatever?

13-07-2011, 03:50
I plan on giving this deadly item to a Vampire Lord who will have Red Fury and Infinite Hatred.

eight attacks at Initiative seven is going to be pretty intense.

Dante blackfur
13-07-2011, 05:28
Vamp lord with red fury would be evil! even more so at equilibrium or best yet dominance. :D

13-07-2011, 05:46
Goblin boss on a wolf in an army flooded with cheap mages to spam magical duel until they achieve dominance... There's no need to spend a bunch of points on the character when there are plenty of spells out there that can vapourise him.

Or better yet, just spam Nikkit! Nikkit! to take the dawnsword off the chaos lord or vamp lord who brings it anyway...

Or more conventionally, for those armies without access to goblin spells, cast meteoric ironclad on the unit in cc with the lord and watch as 400+ pts off close combat badness goes up against 2+ ward saves...