View Full Version : First try at a 1k WoC list

12-07-2011, 23:48
Since i've aquired some choas warriors and a sorcerer for use in storm of magic i figued i'd look at what i could do to give myself a small WoC force withought much more investment.

So far this is what i've got...

Sorcerer - lvl 2, Charmed Sheild, Infernal Puppet, 3rd eye of Tz

23 Warriors of Khorn - Halberds, Sheilds, FC, Blasted Banner

12 Warriors of Tzeentch - FC, HW + Sheilds

5 Warhounds - Scaley skin (i had 5 points left over here).

1k on the dot!

Looks ok or anything worth chainging? I've just finished a vampire counts army so lots of marauders to paint is a big no for me - warriors all the way.

bigbear bailey
13-07-2011, 06:34
I think blocks of warriors larger then 12 men are to many to be useful. I know people try to down play how this edition flanking doesn't matter, but a unit of 5 warriors on the flank of anything DOES matter. They get 2-4 swings back at ya and you'll kill a ton.

The second little bit I would give you is warriors of chaos struggle with challenges. I have charged blocks of 23 warriors and broke them with one hero because that champ died 5 times. I would drop all the champs, except for the unit with the wizard so he can die for the wizard (maybe allowing him to get some more spells off or puppet on the next round before he gets challenged)

I would do this
sorcs LV2, puppet, charmed shield, third eye of Tzench, bitting blade
10 warriors mark of khorne musc and banner, banner of swiftness (to give you some more flanking speed)
13 warriors of nurgle, banner of endless rage, full company (considering this will be the unit the sorc is going in)
12 warriors of tzeentch, musc and standard
5 dogs (no upgrades)

blah blah. Make them the way you have them in the list.