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13-07-2011, 19:26
Just a fluffy 2500 pts list idea with a ton of marauders in it, wondering if it could do squat in a battle.

Main battle line 1

5 Warhounds

The first, albeit squishy, line of defense!

39 Tzeentch Marauders with FC and shields. 5 wide, 8 deep. 4th level Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord (general) with Chaos Runesword, Talisman of Preservation, Charmed Shield, Conjoined Homunculus and Bloodcurdling Roar attached to unit.

Anvil + mage bunker. This unit stands behind the warhounds, but in front of the Tzeentch lumberjacks. Steadfast like no tomorrow, and the Runesword should give the sorcerer some decent killing power in the front, while he is not busy roaring and gating away.

40 Tzeentch Marauders with FC and GW. 10 wide, 4 deep.

Lumberjacks with a ward save. Couldn't decide whether I wanted my Tizz marauders with shields or with great weapons, so why not take a unit of both? Should reach combat fairly unscathed what with the hounds and the shieldwall.

Main battle line 2

5 Warhounds

The first, albeit squishy, line of defense!

39 Slaanesh marauders with FC and shields. 5 wide, 8 deep. Slaanesh BSB with Talisman of Preservation, Ironcurse Icon, Enchanted Shield, Biting Blade and Stream of Corruption attached to unit.

Another anvil unit. With MoS and a BSB they should never, ever break. Stream of Corruption should deal with anything that engages in melee.

39 Nurgle Marauders with FC and GW. 10 wide, 4 deep. Festus the Leechlord attached to unit.

With two lines of defense before them (hounds + Slaanesh marauders) they should reach combat pretty much unscathed (and Festus should be able to keep most of the shambling horde alive for a round of two when in combat)

Flank 1


Flank 2

5 Marauder horsemen of Slaanesh. Flails, LA, Musician, Throwing Axes

Hunt warmachines and hopefully manage to fling an axe or two before dying.

Nasty surprise.

39 Khorne Marauders with FC and GW. Wulfrik attached to unit, teleports in with Seafang.

Their job... well, what Wulfrik does best, really.

So, uhm... are we looking at a win ratio at 1/10?

13-07-2011, 23:28

It can work, but you need to change a bit around if you really want to make it work. If you just want to try it and have fun, that's cool too.

Just realise that Marauders are very crunchy, aka they die easy. So you need to make your hordes 50+, or people can reduce their close combat efficiency by a huge amount with a loss of 11 or more models. You can and will lose combats, even with 60+ models, but the Rapturous standard helps a lot.

14-07-2011, 08:12
I have stopped fielding marauders ever since my opponent started fielding 2 stone throwers. warriors pretty much laugh at them. marauders with t3 and 6+ don't.

14-07-2011, 11:07
This is being typed on my iPhone, so it will shorter and less helpful than I would have liked. I've been playing all marauder or marauder heavy lists since 8th came out and I've had great luck with them. If you are looking for any suggestions, here's what I've learned:

As has already been stated, the GW hordes need to be 50+. I run mine a minimum of 60. These guys die in droves and become useless quick. They need the numbers to stay alive and useful. MoK is also your best bet for a mark.

Lore of Shadow works great with a marauder army. Miasma to lower WS and several hexes keeps your fragile army alive.

Consider running your general in a bunker with your Bsb behind your main line. Keeping them out of combat means you can give your Bsb the standard of discipline. Your anvils will need that LD 9 to hold out, LD 8 never seems to cut it for me.

Hope this helped. Getting tired of typing on this small keyboard. Goodluck!