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14-07-2011, 02:31
Ok, so i've been making a list for my slayer cult and I can't figure out how to run the troll slayers. I am thinking of two 30 man units in hoarde formation or in 28 man seven wide four deep. The hoarde unit gets more attacks but the seven wide fairs better against normal five wide units. So which works best?

14-07-2011, 14:41
i dont know the slayers, but mostly depends on what u r fighting. I tihnk they have ASL, and not much defense to boot. So i would think that if you run horde, you will end up losing your 3rd rank before you attack. So would be any use. Either go horde 40 models, or go 27 7 wide.

14-07-2011, 17:11
They are a max of 30 models in a unit and don't have ASL, just ini2 unless I arm them with a great Weapon, then they ASL.

14-07-2011, 18:30
Just take the full 30- they can then be deployed either way as needed depending on what you are up against, the scenario, etc-

14-07-2011, 21:29
One thing I would say would be to make them flexible: put a musician in there so they can swift reform and don't be afraid to reform them as the situation calls. Also, if you are going to use them with 2 axes instead of a greataxe, you could reform them to be so wide as to corner in - even against hordes. Might help you squeeze out every last drop from them.

Especially don't forget to do really annoying things with them - like the congo line of absolute joy. Hooray unbreakable!

15-07-2011, 00:31
small units of 10 in a congo line while your 30 sneak around to the flank! EVIL!

17-07-2011, 02:52
Sounds plain and pure evil.

17-07-2011, 02:56
Now is this with the current Dwarf book or the Storm of Chaos book? (those slayers were alot of fun to play and play against).

17-07-2011, 07:08
I wouldn't run them in hoard formation as 30 is not enough to continue to get attacks, I'd go 6 wide, 5 deep, that way you'll still get attacks even if you take casualties (you will) Generally I'll let them use double hand weapons unless they are up against something with good armor and low toughness. Naturally you can choose what they are using each close combat. You might look into running a few cheap dragon slayers, they are a bargain for the points really with free slayer axes, they'd make good warmachine guards.

Lord of Divine Slaughter
17-07-2011, 09:14
30 10-wide is fine to get a decent number of attacks. It works for my DE executioners at least :)

17-07-2011, 16:29
Going horde with them is very situational-

Say you are fighting lizardmen or a unit with greatweapons- horde will work out great-

Against elves- you'll want to be 2 wider than your opposing units frontage- since ranks don't really matter (unless you think you can beat and break your opponent, then go deep to deprive steadfast) Just watch out, in horde formation against other hordes your unit is not going to last long-

Spamming dragon slayers is actually a pretty good idea- they are probably the most point effective characters dwarfs have-

17-07-2011, 16:52
One suggestion is to take a Daemon Slayer, give him the 2+ to wound and flaming attacks axe and throw him in the slayers. He has higher initiative, so he will strike first, remove regen and the rest of your slayers get to hit next. Great for killing hellpits.

17-07-2011, 16:53
Conga Line if you want to feel the hate.

Staggered deployment dragonslayers for fun and profit.