View Full Version : 1200 points Vampires for a tournament.

Skarsnik, the Lord
14-07-2011, 17:45
Hi, there's a 1200 points tournament coming soon and I decided to take my Vampires in there. Three games are going to be played, the scenarios are Dawn Attack (Game 1), Meeting Engagement (Game 2) and Dawn Attack again (Game 3). The tournament is quite heavily comped, here's the restrictions:

* No Special Characters
* No Lord(!) Choices
* Max. 2 war machines
* Max. 1 Ethereal unit
* Max. 2 flying units (including characters)
* Max. 3 chariots (6 for Tomb Kings)
* Max. 30 shooting models
* Max. 3 same Core units which can shoot
* Max. 1 same Special and Rare unit (except High Elves)
* Forests block line of sight just like in previous edition. Movement through forests normally.

So that's lots of comps. I can't take my Ogres as I have only 300 points to spend on characters and... Well, that's not enough for Ogres. And my O&G are still not painted, so Vampires are The Choice. Anyway, here's the army list I wrote.

- hand weapon, magic level 1
- Ghoulkin, Helm of Commandment, Charmed Shield, Black Periapt

- hand weapon, magic level 1 (knows Vanhel's Dance Macabre -spell)
- Power Stone, Ruby Ring of Ruin

50* Crypt Ghouls
- crypt ghast

23* Crypt Ghouls
- crypt ghast

6* Cairn Wraiths

= 1195 points.

So here it is. The main idea is to stick the Vampire and the Necromancer into the smaller unit Ghouls, which naturally is a bunker. The bunker is behind the horde of Ghouls, Wraiths are next to the horde. The idea is to rush towards the enemy and beat them in close combat, it's simple as that. ;) The horde and the Wraiths are going to be buffed by Helm of Commandment and VDM. The Vampire doesn't cast anything unless I really need a couple of models more in my units or the characters get hurt. Sometimes he might cast a random spell if there's a good opportunity, but otherwise the magic is going to be done by Necromancer and his VDM. Sometimes he can shoot something weak with the Ring if he can. I can afford one 5-points costing item more on the Necromancer, I guess it's going to be Dragonbane Gem or such.

So, what do you think about it? All comments are warmly welcomed. Thanks for reading! :)

- Cheers, Skarsnik. :yes: