View Full Version : 2k Skaven list

14-07-2011, 18:54
Vermin Lord
Plage priest lvl 2
chieftian great weppon

60 stormvermin
fc ratteling gun

50 plage monks
fc plage banner

5 warplock jezzials

1 hell pit
1 warp lighting cannon

any surgestions?

14-07-2011, 20:41
Are you trying to make a fluffy list, or a hard list? In any case, you should definately take more slaves and clanrats. If you're trying to make a hard list drop the vermin lord, put the plague priest on a plague furnace, and take a grey seer and alot more slaves and clanrats. the chieftain should probably be a bsb.
those are my suggestions.

14-07-2011, 21:19
I think he wanted units big enough to use their own ld scores and hold of with steadfast maybe?

You need a general.. A plaguepriest or a chieften will not hold up if they get into combat. The vermin lord cannot be a general.

The battle standard bearer let's you re-roll failed ld tests.. Which shouldn't be a problem until your large of storm verms and plague monks take artillery fire. It's almost necessary in 8th edition to have a bsb.

I could see one cannon/ piece of artillery easily defeating your army.. Large blocks and vermin lord will crumple like my favorite pie. Vermin lord just isn't viable at these point levels unless your list is tailored for him( lots of gutter runners and slaves)

5 jezzails just isn't enough. I run 6 and have had many people tell me to run more jezzails or none. I think 10 would be optimum with 3-5 hits and wounds per round.

One thing that could work for you is.. Who does the enemy target with artillery first? Hpa, vermin lord, or one of your two large blocks?

Try dropping the jezzails for one. And put your plaguepriest on a furnace. That will add punch.. More confusion to enemy targeting and one he'll of a punch that's better than jezzails. Then make your chieften a ben with storm banner since you won't have so many shooting units yourself