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15-07-2011, 15:24
so i thought ' whats important for som?' and the answer ..wizards!



slann - lore of light. loremaster and extra powerdice. bsb , ld banner


skink priest - lvl2 , cloak of feathers

skink priest - lvl 2, cursed plaque of topec

skink priest - lvl2 , plague of topek


20 saurus - full command
20 saurus - full command


20 temple guard - full command, razor standard
5 chamelion skink


salamander hunting pack


lich priest - lvl2, lore of nekhar(tombking lore)

10 skelitons - hw, sheild

necrosphinx - poison


giant helm ( goes on a skink priest or the lichpriest )

i start with 2 skink sitting on fulcrums, and the feathery one can speed off to snap up another fulcrum.
lore of light can poke holes in anything getting summoned, and its epic genrally with low i/ws armies like lizards. plus the new spells are great.

i can start pushing the opponent back with wind magic, even at presence , 2d6 directly back to 4 units is great turn 1, meaning alot of stuff cant hit your lines to early.

the giant helm is there for fun, because damn who doesnt want a giant popping up.
the skelitons and lichpreist are souly there so i can use a necrosphinx. heroic killing blow is useful if im attacking monsters, and fulcrums.