View Full Version : 3k WoC Allcomers list

guardian angel
15-07-2011, 16:04
So, I think I have finally manged to come with what I think is a really good allcomers list that includes all the things I want and need.

It also doesn't use Chosen, warshrines, hellcannons or the sorcerer disc lord which I think is kinda cool:eek:, but is still strong and should do well against any opponent.

What do you guys think?

Sorcerer Lord(lvl4 - Shadow)+enchanted shield+talisman of preservation+spell familiar+sword of might+conjoined homonculus=385

Exalted hero(BSB)+MoT+shield+talisman of endurance+dragon helm+iron curse icon+biting blade=200

Sorcerer(lvl2)+MoT+puppet+charmed shield+necrotic phylactery+3rd eye of tzeentch=215

24 Warriors+MoK+shields+halberds+fc+banner of eternal flame=478
20 Warriors+MoT+shields+fc+rapturous standard=390
48 Marauders+MoK+gw+fc=290
48 Marauders+MoK+gw+fc=290
5 Marauder horsemen+MoS+la+flails+m=96
5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds

7 Knights+MoN+m+sb+banner of rage=375
3 Dragon ogres+ahw=219

Total = 2998