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15-07-2011, 21:53
I decided to open this thread in the Rules section instead of having another argument in the rumors section start.

On page 32 there are some conflicting sentences.

"Any Wizard who generates one or more spells from the lore in question will also know any Cataclsclysym spells asscociated with that lore."

Later in the same paragraph it says "Unless otherwise stated, all Wizards chosen from the relevant Warhammer army rule book know all the spells associated with that army."

So is this exactly as it says? In the SoM pt 2 thread it was said the second part only refers to cataclysm spells. That make little sense, the rules just said that the wizards know any spells of the lore they take and had no reason to say they know all of them.

What does everyone think?

15-07-2011, 22:10
The second sentence you've quoted only deals to the spells on page 49 and Brettonna, Wood Elves and Lizardmen armies. Meaning any wizard from these armies know cataclysm spell(s) from page 49 in addition to the magic lores they have chosen.

15-07-2011, 22:10
I would take it to read that if you knew any of the spells from the main rule book lores then you would know the corresponding cataclysm spells, in addition to any spells from your army's rulebook.

While VC's cata spells it specifically states that you need to know a spell from the lore of vampires to gain access. (not arguing about IoN and its lore of vamps status)

The bearded one
15-07-2011, 22:13
It refers to the cataclysm spells of armybooks. The first sentence you quoted refers to the cataclysm spells of specific lores, the second sentence refers to cataclysm spells of armybooks. Some armybooks do not have their own lore after all. Because of the second sentence slann automatically know the great leveller spell, and bretonnians and wood elves know the spells associated with their armybooks etc.