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16-07-2011, 00:20
This list is desighned to be reasonably competative whilst still including some fun stuff which I like.

Dwarf lord rune of gromril, rune of cleaving, rune of fury, master rune of swiftnes, pistol 250pts
Rune lord anvil of doom rune of spellbreaking rune of spell eating 390pts

Thane BSB rune of stone rune of fury rune of cleaving master rune of flight 180pts

35 hw/s worriors FC 340pts 6/6 bsb in this unit
39 gw longbeards FC 532pts horde lord in this unit
2 10 man units of thunderers 280pts

Cannon rune of reloading rune of burning 105pts
Cannon rune of reloading 100pts
Grudge thrower 2 runes of penetraiting, rune of accuracy 155pts
30 slayers banner musician 3 troll slayers 393pts
10 miners prospector blasting charges musician 155pts

Organ gun 120pts

I know fighty lords are considerd sub optimal, however I really like the idea of having a fighty leader I wouldent feel right just using another thane. I think this list looks really fun and I am looking forward to giving it a go.

20-07-2011, 18:10
Welp if you are sold on the fighty leader and it has to be a lord, go with the shield bearers and a rune of stone with a rune of either resistance or rune of preservation. Same armor save but it gives him bonus attacks and will either give him a reroll to his save (everyone loves a reroll!) or you can make him immune to killing blow and poison. You will quickly find that those are your opponents best ways of handling him. For a weapon, a great weapon works just fine. Strength 6 is usually more then enough to chop things to bits and peices. Finish him off with a rune of spite and you have a hard as nails leader for a relatively low point cost.

For your BSB the master rune of gromril would fit here now that you have taken it off the lord. You could just leave it at that or you could go all out and give him the rune of resistance for a 1+ rerollable. Great weapon works well here too.

For the Rune lord the master rune of balance works wonders. Also I always go with extra spell breaking instead of spell eating. With an anvil in the list it won't be long untill your dwarves are doing what they do best, chopping things up in combat, and at that point most spells are not so dangerous. Just gotta survive till then.

Your dwarves with hw/s can be a bit smaller of a unit. Hw/s dwarves are not known for their ability to break opposing units. They are know for holding them untill doomsday comes. With the bsb you should be rather reliable even without steadfast, I'd cut them down to say...24 or so in a 5x5 formation. Use the extra points to grab another unit of thunderers if you can.

Give the thunderers shields aswell. They work out best as warriors with shooty bits and positioned on the flanks.

Slayers....while I am a slayer lover at heart it just pains me to say they get beaten like a red headed step child in the current rules edition. The incoming attacks are just too great and with no way of stoping them you with see a rather expensive unit die quickly. The only way to use them effectively is to be rather gamey with them and that seems like something you want to avoid. All in all I'd consider replacing them with either a unit of hammerers or a unit of ironbreakers.

The miners could drop the blasting charges as they shouldn't need to use them ever. They should be poping up next to your opponent's war machines or light missle troops and neither of these are going to charge you. They are too small and too slow to deter opposing units going after your own warmachines and you have thunderers for that anyway. Use the points for the charges elsewhere.

Cannons; the rune of reloading is subpar when compared to the rune of forging. With the other changes to the list you should be able to afford the switch. The other option is to go with an engineer, the reroll on the results table in addition to the extra wound is a boon hard to pass up. Also I've always found that quatity outways bigger hits from the warmachines. I'd drop a rune or two, maybe off of the grudge thrower, and try to fit in an extra organ gun.

All in all your list has some teething problems but at the heart of it it is very dwarfy and that is always a good thing.

20-07-2011, 20:54
Thanks, some very useful advice there I'll definatly have a go over the list and try to impliment some of those changes.