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16-07-2011, 14:06
Soo, I want to make a unit that specializes in utilizing and forcing the opponent to make leadership rolls..

So I'm thinking this unit should have a bsb with banner of the horned one for -1 leadership and ld re-rolls.. And another character could has potents of verminous doom.. And pipes of piebald. Maybe even include shield of distraction( not sure if that's possible) or other common magic items that lower ld or force leadership rolls..

What are some tips for this type of build?

16-07-2011, 14:30
I'd be very wary myself. It sounds relatively easy to interfere with.

Whilst the Ld lowering thing can work out nicely, all a wily opponent need do is offer up a vegetable unit for dicing up. Sure, you bag that one, but should you overrun/pursue, I can ensure there are a couple of flanking units lined up to give you a pasting in my next turn. With the amount of Magic Items you need to put in it, you're looking at losing a significant chunk of your army to a pretty straight forward gambit.

Best to look into someway to protect your flanks.

16-07-2011, 15:07
Actually thanks for reminding me. I've only played a handful of games although Ive been Into the hobby for a few years now..

So have my flank supported with fear causing rat ogres and giant rats for my cheap pursuers:-p

Question.. If the unit that declares a charge against my clanrats.. Will also come into contact with my WFT.. does he get a charge reaction as well?
And does a character joining a unit of slaves negate the the ability that allows you to shoot into them?
Do items like doomrocket, brass orb, and death globe have a stand and shoot reaction?

Sorry for all the questions:-p

16-07-2011, 15:33
Well, you can also add in shrieking blade (causes fear), or the tormentor sword (causes stupidity), Helm of Discord, and The Terrifying Mask of EEE!-