View Full Version : dwarf list... anvil, shield bearers or no lord at all?

16-07-2011, 17:24
I'm writing up a list to use in a tourney coming up and i'm torn with certain things.. i still don't have very much familiarity with 8th ed. so i'm bringing it here... so far this list is loosely:
thane of pain for a little extra smack down
BSB thane... wouldn't leave home w/o it!
40 GW warriors
30 hammerers
25-30 miners
20 thunderers OR quarrellers
1-2 grudge throwers
1.. maybe 2 cannons pending on how many GT's
and maybe an organ gun

so i've been thinking of a very minimal anvil so as to not sink too many pts into it.
the lord on shield would be great in the hammerer unit, but I KEEP reading that they just don't get their points back
which leads me to the unreliability of the anvil and too many points in either lord for the 'worth it' factor... when i could just bring maybe a runesmith and another thane for the same points or buff a unit.

16-07-2011, 19:37
Well, nevermind.. went with the anvil and two thanes.
no organ gun. but two grudge throwers, and a cannon 40 warriors, 25 hammerers, and 25 miners.. good stuff