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17-07-2011, 15:41
N. Goblin Warboss.....150 Glittering Scales Fencer's Blades Opal Amulet Potion of Strength

N. Goblin Gr. Shaman.....195 Dispel Scroll Talisman of Endurance

N. Goblin Gr. Shaman.....200 Channeling Staff Talisman of Preservation

N. Goblin Big Boss.....72 BSB Banner of Discipline Shield

N. Goblin Big Boss.....69 Great Weapon Armor of Fortune

N. Goblin Big Boss.....69 Sword of Might Talisman of Protection Shield, Light Armor

Goblin Big Boss.....129 Spear, Light Armor Gigantic Spider Terrifying Mask of EEE! Shield of Ptolos

48 Night Goblins.....216 Command Spears, Shields Netters (Warboss and BSB here) (Deployed 10 X 5 Horde)

38 Night Goblins.....214 Command Hand Weapons, Shields Netters Fanatic (Big Boss, Gr. Shaman here) (Deployed 5 X 8 Bus)

38 Night Goblins.....214 Command Hand Weapons, Shields Netters Fanatic (Big Boss, Gr. Shaman here) (Deployed 5 X 8 Bus)

20 Night Goblins.....110 Short Bows 2 Fanatics (Deployed 10 X 2, in front of Horde Unit)

6 Spider Riders.....94 Musician Short Bows

6 Spider Riders.....94 Musician Short Bows

4 "Spider" Chariots.....220 Extra Crew on each

2 Doom Divers.....160


Comments, critizisms, feel free. I'd appreciate the input.

18-07-2011, 16:51
Nothing so far. I was really hoping for the advice. Was thinking of switching out the spear horde and readjusting characters for either black orcs and an orc great shaman or savage orc big'uns and a Savage orc great shaman.

bigbear bailey
19-07-2011, 00:06
I would strongly advise switching out the night gobbo shamans for 4-6 lv ones. This does two things for you.

First is that it gives you a ton more wounds for wizards, that it allows you use more mushrooms because of that.

The second thing is that in turn also allows you to gain more channeling due to having 6 wizards.

The only good thing about you having two lv 3s is that you are getting ALL the gobbo spells no matter what due to page 490 in the BRB and you have a better plus to cast it all.

If you don't then be careful with your mushrooms, as you can kill your self pretty fast in there.

If you DO decide to switch to the little shamen, then take warbosses instead of the big bosses. I find that having three wounds on a gobbo deters them from swinging on them as much as they wont really be able to kill them in one turn, unless they are a chr.

Other then that I like it man! (Hope I helped)

19-07-2011, 00:58
If you are going mixed take a goblin warboss, Ld trumps In for goblins every day of the week.

Mangler squigs are worth their weight in gold, 2d6 s6 armor pen is terrifying to everything but etherials.

You need squigs, you have nothing that hits very hard in your army. you have a ton of tar pits/anvils but nothing i would call a hammer. If you are playing an elites heavy army you will get mullered, stedfast on 7(or 8) will only get you so far against ws4 s4 t4 3+ with great weapons.

You need more fanatics, three in every hoard and two in the buses. Fanatics are way scary to everyone who are not playing goblins or scaven... if they come back your way you are loosing d6ish 3pt models otherwise they are ripping d6ish 5-12pt guys off the table which you need to keep your tar pits around. Every little bit helps.

Bosses are not worth the points, an extra ws2 s3 attack is not worth 3 wounds. Period

Never deploy things infront of each other with O&G, animosity will shut down your conga line right fast. When the archers break and flee they will break your big horde about 1/6th of the time, even with rerollable ld.