View Full Version : When do you flee if you panic outside of combat?

17-07-2011, 22:03
If a unit panics as a result of losing a combat, it flees immediately. But how does it work if a unit panics for any other reason, e.g. as a result of casualties caused by shooting? It was my understanding the unit is immediately turned around but doesn't flee until the compulsory moves phase in the next turn.

However, my friends think the unit flees then and there, in the shooting phase.

My interpretation would also mean the unit can rally without having fled, it will just lose a turn's movement.

Which is correct?

The bearded one
17-07-2011, 22:12
I think what you refer to is fleeing units that don't rally and then flee further, page 25 BRB

When forced a panic check, you immediately take the check and if failed you immediately flee, page 63 BRB, in the 'direction of flight' bit.

17-07-2011, 22:12
Your Buddies

17-07-2011, 22:17
Ah yep, for some reason I couldn't find the exact line. Cheers. Was also forgetting you can only panic once per phase, which negates what seemed weird about fleeing immediately to me.