View Full Version : Dark Elves Magic Blade Wind

18-07-2011, 10:17
This should be a quick question and answer.

Blade wind for the Dark Elves is a spell from the Dark Magic in their book. The results are 3d6 s4 attacks against a target unit.

Moving forward, the question isn't how many attacks or such but rather are the attacks from the caster with 'hatred'.
The caster has hatred and the attacks are as if they were in combat.
Since this is a 7th edition book and there is no more specification.. it makes one wonder if hatred plays a part here?

So, that is my question in a nutshell does hatred apply to the casting of this spell?

18-07-2011, 13:15
Nope. Hatred only applies to close combat not shooting or spells. Also hatred only applies for the first "round" of combat. Bladewind doesn't have a "round" of combat to allow re-rolls. I'd dearly love it if it worked that way though.