View Full Version : Bound Spells and Power Level

18-07-2011, 11:16
Can someone explain bound spells and power levels to me. I know you cast them with power dice during magic phase like a normal spell, and i understand the miscast part of it. what i wouldn't know how to do is deal with spells not already in the book, thus with no casting cost.

Particularly this has to do with the woodwaking wands spell. Its power level 12 (which i have no clue what that means). So what do minimum casting value do i need to reach? And what does power level mean?

Also another question...could you cast something like fireball (or superfireball cataclysm) on a wizard on a fulcrum...cause that seems an easy way to destroy wizards if you blow them up with 6d6 hits...

18-07-2011, 11:20
Power level is the casting value you have to reach when using a bound spell. For example that wand and its power level of 12, you need to roll at least 12 with your power dice to get the spell through. And yes, you need to spend power dice to use bound spells, they aren't free like they used to be in 7th edition.

yes you can cast spells against wizards on fulcrums.