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18-07-2011, 14:38
I'm a big fan of Left for dead, and I'd love to incorporate it into a level or two of Warhammer Quest. Here's a rough idea at how I plan to have it working.

A town is beset by zombies. An evil necromancer is reanimating the dead for his nefarious schemes. The town has offered the warriors 500 gold each to slay the Necromancer and free the town from the undead.

Rather than have monsters generated by the wizard rolling a 1 on the power dice, they are generated each turn at the start of the monsters phase. These monsters start the game on a board section not occupied by a warrior - if there are no board sections available then the zombies are not generated this turn.

Roll a D6;

1 -5 = D3 Zombies
6 = Special Zombie (roll a D10)


1/2 – Boomer
3/4 – Hunter
5 – Smoker
6 – Jockey
7 – Spitter
8 - Charger
9 – Witch
10 – The Tank

Ok, rules time (what do you think?);


M 3, WS 3, BS 3+, S 3, T 3, I 3, A 1, W 3, Dam D6, Arm /, Gold 75

Boomer Bile, Explosive

Boomer Bile: Once per turn the Boomer may vomit its bile over the warriors. Draw a straight line four squares long in the direction the boomer is facing, everyone under this line is hit on a 3+ . Warriors hit are blinded by this attack until the following turn and will attack everything adjacent, including other warriors. Ballistic weapons and magic cannot be used whilst blinded. The Boomer Bile, when in contact with living flesh attracts zombies, causing a further 2D6 to be generated.

Explosive: When killed, the Boomer explodes and any warriors adjacent to it are covered in Boomer Bile (see above)


M 6, WS 4, BS /, S 4, T 3, I 4, A 1, W 2, Dam D6, Arm /, Gold 70

Pounce, Restrained

Pounce: The Hunter may leap anywhere on the board within his movement allowance. He is never pinned or blocked by obstacles and may go up or down levels without penalty. Further, if his pounce lands him adjacent to a warrior (chosen randomly), he may knock him to the floor and restrain him in place whilst he attacks.

Restrained: When restrained the warrior cannot fight back as his arms and legs are held. Monsters will continue to attack this warrior until they have killed him/her or until another warrior attacks it (in which case it is either killed or dislodged).


M 3, WS 2, BS 2+, S 4, T 2, I 3, A 1, W 2, Dam D6, Arm /, Gold 70

Tongue Attack

Tongue Attack: Smokers grab their prey with their enormous tongues and drag them towards them where they can finish off their trapped victim. Pick a random warrior within 8 squares, on a 2+ that warrior is tongued. He/she is restrained (see above) and dragged D3 squares towards the it. This will happen every turn until the warrior is dragged into base contact with the smoker. Once adjacent, the smoker attacks as usual with the restrained warrior unable to fight back. This damage will continue until the warrior dies or the smoker does.


M 4, WS 3, BS /, S 3, T 2, I 3, A 1, W 2, Dam D6, Arm /, Gold 60


Straddle: When a warrior is within its movement range, the Jockey may leap up and straddle a random warrior. He lands on the warriors head, sinking his claws in and obscuring his vision. Straddled warriors move D3 in a random direction, and suffer a wound (without modifiers) each turn they are straddled. Warriors caught in this way may not attack the jockey, they must be freed by another Warrior killing the Jockey. If a Wizard wishes to use his powers he must pass a will power test for each spell cast.


M 4, WS 3, BS 3+, S 3, T 2, I 3, A 1, W 2, Dam D6, Arm /, Gold 90

Projectile Vomit

Projectile Vomit: Each turn the Spitter may projectile vomit a batch of searing acid. Choose a 2x2 square within 4 squares of the spitter. On a 5 or 6 all models within that square (including zombies) lose 1 piece of armour (including shields or helmets). If a warrior does not have armour then he/she suffers 1D6 + 2 wounds with no deductions for toughness.


M 3, WS 5, BS /, S 5, T 4, I 3, A 1, W 3, Dam D6/2D6 (5+), Arm /, Gold 110

Charge, Pound

Charge: Once per turn, if there is a clear path between the Charger and a warrior then he springs forward, running up to 6 squares, knocking the warrior off his feet, causing D6 + 2 wounds.

Pound: Once knocked off their feet, the charger uses his great strength to restrain the warrior (see above) and continuously pound them into the ground.


M 5, WS 5, BS /, S 4, T 3, I 3, A 2, W 3, Dam 2D6, Arm /, Gold 120

Crying, Startled, Manic, Never Pinned

Crying: The witch is place on the board randomly. She begins the game crying, as she just rocks back and for.

Startled: The witch will not attack unless provoked. She will be startled into action if the warrior with the lantern enters the same board section as her, if she is attacked by a ballistic or magic weapon/ attack (regardless of weather wounds were inflicted or not) or if a warrior moves into an adjacent square to her. Once startled by a warrior she will go Manic.

Manic: The Witch will immediately run at the Warrior who startled her, attacking anything in her way. Her long razor sharp fingers slicing at anything, friend or foe in her mania. If she kills the warrior who startled her, she will return to her crying state.

The Tank

M 4, WS 6, BS 3+, S 6, T 5, I 3, A 3, W 17, Dam 2D6, Arm /, Gold 440

Mindless, Swipe, Throw Stone, Never pinned

Mindless: The Tank is a mindless killing machine. Its attacks seem random to those few who have faced one and lived. Pick a warrior counter at random, the Tank will move his full distance towards that warrior, knocking other models out of the way if necessary, if that warrior is within the Tanks movement distance then it will attack him in close combat as usual, hitting other warriors if they are between the Tank and its victim also. If not within range, the tank will then throw a stone instead (after hitting any warriors on the way).

Swipe: The Tank doesn't fight as normal creatures fight. If it successfully wounds a warrior in close combat the warrior is knocked back D3 squares by the clubbing blow.

Throw Stone: The Tank uses its great strength to tear a huge stone from the ground and hurl it at a warrior. Roll to hit as normal. If successful, the warrior suffers a Str 5 hit.

What do you think? Have I made the special zombies too hard? To be fair, whilst they can do some nasty damage, they are all pretty fragile in that their wounds are low (exeption being the Tank of course).

19-07-2011, 23:15
I quite like what you've done here. The special zombies are full of character and the special rules should add some great flavor and fun moments during play. I hada similar idea that I presented in my blog, but I framed it as a new Dungeon Room ...


I am a bit concerned about the "Restrained" rule. The Restrained Warrior has no chance to break out himself? What if, by some chance, you generate alot of special zombies and all of the Warriors become Restrained?

I would probably tweak that rule to allow a Warrior to pass a Strength Check to break the restraint, and they can try each turn. There's nothing worse then getting stuck not being able to do ANYTHING except take hits without any chance to get out of it yourself.

20-07-2011, 23:56
It's a cool idea, looks good.

I agree with Delvelord about the restraint rules, there really needs to be a way for players to escape from restraint.

I also noticed the tank is worth the same gold as a minotaur, despite having increased WS, BS, S, T, A, W and skills. That seems unbalanced/overly harsh for the warriors - harder fight, same reward.

21-07-2011, 02:17
While not a bad idea, I'd be a little more original in the design of your special infected. It's one thing to use L4D as inspiration, but your players may just find you uncreative if you're just porting the ideas straight across.

One of the things is learning how to combat the different types of Infected, and you don't want your anyone who's played L4D just working it out as "Oh, it's a Boomer, shoot it at a distance" or "It's a Witch, ignore it and stay clear".

01-08-2011, 20:09
The basic gameplay of the special infected of l4d is to break up tactics. if it wasnt for the special infected then the players would simply huddle together by a wall through every zombie encounter...

01-08-2011, 20:21
Oh, I forgot about this thread. Nobody, seemed to like it :cries:

The whole point of the restraint rule was to make sure (like left for dead) that you are never far from another team member, because if you are on your own you will get killed.

Oh well. How about this then, at the start of his/her turn a restrained warrior may attempt to free him/herself. Roll a D6 and add their strength. The zombie rolls 2D6 (3D6 for a charger), picks the highest and adds his strength. If the warrior wins then he has succesfully freed him/herself.


Oh yeah and the Tank does seem too overpowered, but I want him to have really high strength and be uber tough. Any suggestions as to how to make him vulnerable? There's no molotoffs in WHQ :p


For those interested in trying this out, here's some cracking mini's I've found so far







A few special zombies;


Still need some good suggestions for a tank though;

Was thinking about doing a conversion of this guy;


He http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/muscle/sku-down/50092 would be perfect if just a bit bigger :(

05-08-2011, 16:36
>>There's no molotoffs<<

What about Dwarf Firebombs?? :)

06-08-2011, 06:50
Hehe,how about making it vulnerable to fire or on a roll of 6 to hit you get a critical spot so ignore toughness? Never played th game so...

12-08-2011, 09:16
I'd love to give this a try. Will give me an excuse to get some more zombie minis too. :D