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18-07-2011, 15:56
I love magic and really want an interesting list to use with my warriors. The disc dude is there really for the 3rd eye to grab that dwellers or 13th ;). I'm relying on shadow for mindrazor (if I can roll it) to drive the troops even harder when its needed. Thoughts...

I would like to add some dogs for redirecting/ take some fire power.
I would like to get in bloodcurdling roar to scare big nasties
However I need points :(

Lords (295)

Sorcerer Lord
Level 3, Shadow, Infernal Puppet, Talisman of Preservation

Heroes (355)

Exalted Hero
Shield, Biting Blade, BSB, Tzeentch, Favour of the Gods

Chaos Sorcerer
Level 2, Tzeentch, Dispel Scroll, Talisman of protection, Disc, 3rd eye of Tzeentch

Core (923)

17 Chaos Warriors
Full command, Shields
Mark of Tzeentch, Rapturous standard

18 Chaos Warriors
Full command, Halberds
Mark of Khorne, Fire banner

30 Marauders
Musician, standard bearer, Khorne, Great Weapons

Special (250)

Chaos Chariot

Chaos Warshrine

Rare (205)

Hell cannon


18-07-2011, 22:16
I think your just lacking a bit of substance. There are a few areas/units i would upgrade.

For example, 30 marauders is too small. You need 40+ so that they can take casualties on the walk over. Your mage could do with being lv.4 also, and you could swap puppet onto the lv2 and give him spell familiar (to maximise the chances of Okkams mind razor). And, a couple more tzeentch warriors would help.

For this, i would drop the chariot. Lv.4 upgrade (35), 2 more warriors (36) and 10 more marauders is 119pts.


19-07-2011, 14:32
I would like more marauders however this is all I own. If I swapped the puppet I'd loose the scroll which I feel I need to force a miscast throw. thanks 4 ur thoughts however. I will certainly use the ideas in a bigger list.
I'm actually considering swapping the chariot for a 2nd shrine. Thoughts?