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18-07-2011, 18:03
So I was messing around with my list, and I ended up taking the following on my Level 4 Sorcerer Lord:

Level 4
Third Eye of Tzeentch
Infernal Puppet
Necrotic Phylactery
Charmed Shield

The idea was to keep the character cheap to leave room for more units on the board. Then I realized that I had spent no more than 25 points on Gifts, and no more than 50 points on Magic Items.

Having the Third Eye means that a lot of the time, I will be using my opponents spells. So my thoughts are this: why not drop the Sorcerer Lord down to a Chaos Sorcerer? That way, I would save a whopping 150 points, and it would still do almost the same thing! Everyone brings some form of magic to the table, because it is so powerful, so why can't I just use theirs?

There are some cons however. This way, if I play Dwarves I wont do nearly as well in the magic phase. Only plus 2 to cast, rather than plus 4. Only two wounds against three, and only two attacks against three. But are all of these things worth the 150 points that would be saved?

What are peoples thoughts on this?

bigbear bailey
18-07-2011, 19:40
Yeah, I ran mine as a LV 1 with it. Mark of tzench is 15 points cheaper then a lv upgrade so you dont really need the extra LV. If you fight a non magic army or dwarfs then yeah, you will suffer, but you have to lose out on something when you are being cheesy like that.

18-07-2011, 19:44
I usually go level 2 with tzeentch for the eye just to keep the plus 3 to casting spells (and so he still has 2 spells in case, as you mentioned, dwarves or them having bad spells).

Side note, third eye is pretty awesome on a fulcrum in SoM. Having all their spells, cataclysm spells, and being on a fulcrum means you have 360 and are high enough to see nearly everything is pretty awesome (sadly makes them a bigger target)
Especially when you play against people who love fateweaver (pick him for your caster for the turn)

18-07-2011, 19:46
You would also lose out on +2 to cast and the extra Dispel bonus, so I'd say they would be about equal on the effectiveness/points ratio, I personally prefer the full Lvl 4 so I know I'll have a full power spellcaster with a lore I like no matter what, but having a few extra troops is always a good thing.

18-07-2011, 20:04
This is a pretty common tactic, especially when already using a level 4 elsewhere. A lvl 1/2 with MoT, 3rd eye, and puppet is a pretty common build, granting +2/3 to cast, your opponents spells, a puppet for miscasts (as you'll likely be stealing an uber spell to throw down), a 6++ ward save. Throwing a 5++ ward save item, or an enchanted shield will get you a 4+/4++ or 2+/6++, making both relatively resilient. I also wouldn't bother with necrotic phylactery on a lvl 2, as he is much more likely to die in combat against regular attacks.

I usually run a wizard like this, along with a lvl 4 MoT Sorc Lord on disc. There are games where my level 2 gets off more spells then my lvl 4 (stealing light, life, etc.). I can't give up my disc sorc though, as pandemonium and treason are just too awesome with the amount of hordes and casting going on.

I too have 3rd eyed fate weaver, and man, was that an awesome game. Also played a disc sorcerer in Storm of Magic and wow, 2++ ward save, 360, steal any opponents lore, pick whichever one you're getting winds on that turn, and its in my opinion, broken as hell, haha. Just be sure to mount him on something, as being infantry means that dreaded 13th spell = bye bye wizard. Ofcourse, you could just as well stick a lvl 2 on a fulcrum with eye, with the + bonuses to casting, and puppet to mitigate miscasts, WoC is pretty nasty in Storm of Magic. I might actually put my sorc lord on a manticore as well, just cause the mini is beautiful :D.

On a side note, does puppet effect SoM miscasts as well? We've been playing that it hasn't, since it says it modifies miscasts, not "Terrible" miscasts, or whatever its called in the SoM book...

19-07-2011, 04:56
puppet refers specifically the the Miscast Table, not the Arcane Fulcrum Miscast Table.

19-07-2011, 14:14
puppet refers specifically the the Miscast Table, not the Arcane Fulcrum Miscast Table.

Ah, yea, that's what we figured. Would have been awesome otherwise, at least I know I'd turn my level 2 into a monstrous creature every time :D.