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18-07-2011, 23:20
Can Wood Elf lords and heros wear magical heavy armour and shields ?

Thanks for your input ! =]

18-07-2011, 23:41
Edit: Just checked but I couldn't find it there, it might have been an interview in a White Dwarf or something I can't remember. That or I'm just being blind, I did only skim through. The golden rule is though, if the character can take normal armour of any kind (Even if it's just light armour or some such), then they can take magic armour of any kind as well.

19-07-2011, 00:35
Yes. The highborn and Princes can. They can take army specific magic armor and have access to the common magic items (which obviously includes armor).
Unless they take one of the kindreds that says they cannot wear armor of course.

19-07-2011, 09:51
Also remember Battle Standard Bearers cannot use shields - not even magical ones!

19-07-2011, 10:04
I believe this is covered in the Wood Elf FAQ?