View Full Version : Norse Dwarfs: 2000pts

20-07-2011, 20:07
Hi, here is my list for 2000pts (expanded from my warband)
Thane w/ Rune of fury, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Swiftness, Rune of Stone, shield: 117pts
Runesmith w/ great weapon, Master Rune of Spell Binding and a rune of spell breaking: 149pts
Dragon slayer: 50pts
25 longbeards w/ shields, great weapons, standard and musician: 365pts
25 warriors w/ shields, standard bearer and musician: 215pts
25 warriors w/ shields, standard bearer and musician: 215pts
16 quarrellers w/ shields and musician: 197pts
12 thunderers w/ shields: 180pts
20 slayers: 220pts
Cannon: 90pts
Grudgethrower: 80pts

I decided to go with a Thane over a Lord, seeing as he's only slightly lesser in abilities but a lot cheaper. He'll go with the longbeards.
The Dragon slayer leads the slayers for some extra punch, and the runesmith will join one of the warrior units.
The theme is Norse/Viking, hence the limited powder units.

Now as you can tell I still have a few points to spend, and I'm undecided as to how to spend them. So any and all suggestions are welcome, as are any tactics and useful advice from any longbeards out there :)