View Full Version : 1750 WoC/Monsters List

22-07-2011, 02:01
Hey there all. I am doing a tournament with a group of friends. My oppenants are:
- Wood Elves
- Dwarfs
- Dark Elves
- Lizardmen

My list would consist of:

Sorc Lord

Trolls x5 with Throgg

Two sets of 6 trolls

and two Hellcannons

All Critiques are welcome. Thanks.

29-07-2011, 19:23
Lore of Slaanesh has some handy spells when playing the Monster list. Frenzy on trolls (buff yourself), the 6th spell can take half a goblin unit off the table at a casting value of only 12 :), and making enemy units move in a different direction is handy :)

29-07-2011, 20:17
Get some dragon ogres. medium sized units with Great weapons or AHW provide some great flankers.

Id also suggets some warhounds. For deployment delay. With only 4 units + Charecetr to place, you would be pretty stuck in some senarios (especially if your playing woodelves)


31-07-2011, 23:07
Do all Hellcannons get placed at the same time? For instance dwarf's organ gun and cannons get placed on the table in separate areas, but they are considered one unit.