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22-07-2011, 10:24
I currently own the Island of Blood models and I'm trying to make a decent 1000 point list (and expansion to 2000 later).
I am planning on picking up 15-20 more Lothern Sea Guard to bolster that unit's numbers a bit and make them able to take some beating.
Next I will get 10 more Swordmasters to either make one unit of 20 or two units of 10.
My list will then look something like this:

Lvl 2 Mage + Silver Wand, Lore of Life

30 Lothern Sea Guard
Shields + Full Command + Warbanner

20 Sword Masters of Hoeth + Full Command

5 Ellyrian Reavers


I would like to upgrade the Reavers a little more and perhaps give the mage another magical item. I probably will at higher point games.
A few questions:
Is this a good way to start or should I buy something else?
What should I buy to make it a 1500-2000 point army?
Any suggestions to make the list better?

22-07-2011, 21:51
The seer staff is better for lower level wizards as a general rule of thumb. Getting the 2 spells you want is goning to be extremely important. With the above list that would be flesh to stone an earth blood imo.

Most people tend to want multiple units of sword masters around unit size 14 or so to get 2 ranks of 7. I think one unit is more then enough when you have so many other special choices that shine. Pheonix guard are great when used as a defensive unit and with a little character support they can dish out some solid damage too. White lions put the hurt on high armor save targets better then sword masters and with their improved save against missles they will arive in better numbers without a mage baby sitting them. I'd go for one of those at higher points if I were you.

A second caster would help as well as elves are rather dependant on magic to make up for their short falls. A pretty standard set up is a level 4 life wizard, with some defensive gear like the robes and the silver wand to get most of the lore and therefor have a much better chance at the spells you want, and a level 2 fire wizard, with the seer staff to garentee he has usefull spells. If you do go this route take fireball and flaming sword of ruin most of the time as fireball is almost always usefull and flaming sword of ruin will make your lotheran sea guard a serious threat. Against other elves or the empire you may want to swap fireball for fulminating flame cage but that is more situational.

23-07-2011, 18:26
Yes, cut the sword masters down to 14 and deploy them 7 wide as said above. With the 6 remaining sword masters either deploy them as their own unit or get something similar to the following:
An eagle- Eagle are amazing throw away units that tremendously help your army out.
The talisman of loec for your swordmaster champion. It will help take town big baddies. I'd give a flaming banner to either your lsg or swordmasters. Then you have a few points to play around with

24-07-2011, 21:18
Any good banner for the sword masters in general?

Abbot Fury
26-07-2011, 03:14
WOuld you guys still use reavers?

26-07-2011, 10:58
I would not take the reavers, instead free up 10 points and take 2 eagles instead but you get them in island of blood so I guess you will use them in the beginning anyway.

26-07-2011, 11:30
Thanks for all the replies. I will probably get 1-2 eagles. Should I buy 18 swordmasters to make 2 groups of 14 or just 4 to make 1 unit?

Any good banner for the sword masters in general?
On larger units I think some sort of protective banner (vs magic) would be nice to have to prevent them being shot to bits.

26-07-2011, 15:31
The mage is around to make sure they don't get shot to bits, yay lore of life. At this level of play the more models you can put down on the table the better. For the moment I would stay away from giving them a magic banner for that reason. At higher point levels the razor standard and the banner of eternal flame are both great banners for the unit as they make them even more killy.

The reavers are decent enough for killing/occupying warmachines. A pair of eagles would be better but you play with what you've got. Again at higher points you should consider including a pair as warmachines are one of the most dangerous things to face when playing the high elves. Also always run eagles in pairs as they die quite easily in the face of determined small arms fire. A pair is almost always nessasary to get one into combat with a warmachine.

As I said earlier I prefer a single unit of swordmasters as they are usually more then enough to kill what needs killing. I would instead pick up a couple of boxes of pheonix guard as they are one of the few high elf units that don't need a whole lot of support. Give them the banner of sorcery at higher points as they are durable enough to stick around and keep giving your army the much needed bonus to power dice.