View Full Version : need a skaven list for my girlfreind

23-07-2011, 12:40
so i bought my girlfreind a skaven assasin, because she thought skaven were very cute.

she would like to start an army, and has said shes buying ikit claw, and some rat swarms ( 10 or so bases)

so from those models, what would be a decent list she could create so she'd win some games?

ive only really played against skaven, but those games have always been against a greyseer on a bell and alot of slaves etc..a competetive list.

is there a list that works well around ikit claw?

Jolly Puggles
23-07-2011, 12:58
Ikit Claw, an Assassin and 10 Rat Swarm bases (or so)? First up, go buy her a copy of Island of Blood and find someone else to do an Elf-Swap with. That'll give her a nice base upon which to recruit an army; 80 Clanrats/Slaves, 4 Rat Ogres, 2 Warpfire Throwers, 2 Poisoned Wind Mortars and some characters.

If she wants Ikit Claw to be the general, start investing heavily in Clan Skyre war machines; a few Jezzail Teams, a Doomwheel and a Warp Lightning Cannon should do for a start. If you get all this, then she's got the start of a 2000pt Skyre army:

(395) Ikit Claw

(120) Warlock Engineer (Lvl.2) w.Warp-Energy Condenser

(95) Warlock Engineer (Lvl.1) w. Doomrocket

(132) Battle Standard Bearer w. Shadow Magnet Trinket and Shield

(220) 40 Clanrats w. Spear and Shield, Full Command
(70) Warpfire Thrower

(220) 40 Clanrats w. Spear and Shield, Full Command
(70) Warpfire Thrower

(125) 5 Rat Swarm Bases
(125) 5 Rat Swarm Bases

(184) 4 Rat Ogres + 3 Packmasters
(180) 2x4 Jezzail Teams (inc. Sharpshooter)

(150) Doomwheel

(90) Warp-Lightning Cannon

That's just off the top of my head, at as cheap a price ($$$ wise) as I can think.

25-07-2011, 01:23
Why rat swarms- try and stop her-

But if not- just throw them in as unit filler for slaves or clanrats-

Otherwise the above list is really good-

25-07-2011, 01:38
I concure with above posters, avoid ratswarms, you really don't need 10 of them! Slaves are a better choice even if it means a whole lot more to paint. The doomwheel are great model and a fun and competetive unit to play with. I would complement the army with a unit of plague monks. One of the more fun units to paint in the skaven army in my opinion.

I should start to play some lesser games first, 1000-1500p just to try the game out. It sucks to buy to much in the beginning and then realizing that you don't have the stomach to plow 200 pages of rules.