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23-07-2011, 16:39
So here is the list:

Kairos Fateweaver - Flame Cage, Flaming Sword, Purple Sun, Mystifying Miasma, Speed of Light, Briona's Timewarp, Throne of Vines, Dwellers Below

Herald of Tzeentch - Master of Sorcery( Beasts), Winged Horror
Herald of Khorne - Armor of Khorne, Firestorm Blade
Herald of Khorne - Armor of khorne, Firestorm Blade
Herald of Slaanesh - Siren Song

39 x Bloodletters - Icon of Endless War + Champ
17 x Bloodletters - Standard + Champ
35 x Daemonettes - Banner of Ecstasy + Champ

6 x Flamers
5 x Flamers
2 x Fiends
2 x Fiends

What do you guys think?

24-07-2011, 01:27
Sorry Im a little confused. About Kairos spells. He gets 2 lores correct? It seems you have many spells from different lores. Does you tourney adjust the spell he can take

Remove the second Khorne squad and the second herald for skulltaker(if hes allowed) and some flesh hounds. Squads of 6 are very strong flank hitters. Maybe remove the fiends as well to fit another squad of 6.

In my 3k list I run Fateweaver, 2 squads of 6 Flesh hounds, 2 squads of 6 Flamers, 2 squads of 30 Bloodletters FC one with endlesswarbanner. Then skulltaker, 2 HoK same build as you and HoT same build as you. It works very well against most armies except very shooty armies. Then I rely on Fateweaver to purplesun/dwellers threats

24-07-2011, 08:07
No kairos can pick whatever spells he wants. One head knows 4 spells from Life, Light, Metal and Heaven and the second head 4 spells from Beast, Death, Shadow and Fire.

Plus each heads know the 6 spells of Tzeentch.

This is the why Kairos is so broken. He can choose among the most powerful/useful spells and add +6 to casting.