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23-07-2011, 17:21
Having another list idea for SoM, an all monster army led by throgg.

Throgg the Troll King – 175

4 Chaos Trolls – 180

6 Chaos Trolls – 270

4 Chaos Trolls – 180

3 Chaos Trolls – 135

4 Chaos Ogres –
Mark of Nurgle –
Mutant Ogre –
Additional hand weapons –

2 Chaos Spawn -
Khorne –
Slaanesh –

Chaos Giant – 225

20 Forsaken – 360

10 Chaos warhounds
poisened attacks
scaly skin
- 100


Monsters and magic-

Fimir balefiend –
Level 3 -

Lammasu –
Level 2 –
Mace tail -
Sorcerous Exhalation –


Some small formations of trolls, throgg in the one of three, working in pairs of two to charge and flank.

The forskaen, though not monsters, are more bestial than human, add some more numbers to the army and with so many attacks dished out I can direct them to the lower toughness horde units to hopefully cut them down. As well as the spawn which will be protecting it's flanks and adding some more strength.

4 Nurgle Ogres to hold back the harder hitting elite units.

some hounds with poisoned attacks to hunt down large monsters an hopefully cause enough wounds to bring it down.

A giant to attack wizards on fulcrums as I see the oposing player more interested in taking down wizards and the 4 troll units including throgg.

and finally balefiend and lammassu, not only for some much needed magic in the force and to take hold of fulcrums but also because it makes a sensible choice to include magic able monsters rather than a chaos sorcerer. I also really like the lammassu's abilities and stats, a bit of an all rounder in the SoM book, and the fimir for some monstrous nostalgia.

23-07-2011, 23:22
I'm surprised you haven't taken a daemon prince in your monsters army. Mark of tzeentch, lv4 is 500pts exactly, and on a fulcrum has 4 wounds and a 2++ save. And is immune to multiple wounds. Pretty nasty. Even without the Mark, he's got a 3+.

I have never seen the upside to 2x2 monstrous infantry. I'd rather reorganise into 2 x 6 trolls, with a five man with thogg.

If you want durable Ogres, scrap the AHW, and get some chaos armour.

If you moved the warhounds to the beasts section, you save 30pts.


24-07-2011, 20:45
The only thing holding me back form a daemon prince is the points restriction on heroes, at 500 as you say the list would have to go up to either a 3000 pts list.

Definitely agree on the chaos armour for the ogres, hadn't really thought of it, just wanted more attacks on them :)

the warhounds also have a points retriction, as i really want to wizards in the game and am quite adamant that they should be monsters.

A troll deathstar ? that has some potential, seeing as teh wounds would be spread through out the unit and hopefully regenerated, (with some bonuses).

In which case though I would need a unit of 5x2, and two units of 3 trolls, one with throgg. Just for the need of three core units.

24-07-2011, 23:11
Ok, 25% lords, 25% heroes. You'd have plenty for a prince.

Sorry, I meant with the trolls two units of 6 (deployed 3x2) and one unit of 5 with throgg, (deployed 3x2). Not a deathstar.

29-07-2011, 19:19
Throgg only allows a re-roll for break tests, not stupidity. Even at LD 8, you run a risk of having issues.

Also Chaos Ogres are not very good, consider Dragon Ogres w/ GWs (allow for monster hunting).

Units of 3/4 Trolls are not as strong as 6 strong. Why not run a unit of 5 and a unit of 6?

With only two mages (that can be unbound) seems like you run a risk. I would recommend lots of lower level casters to make sure you can always get a mage back on a Fulcrum.

01-08-2011, 17:03
I say drop the spawn. Fit in more trolls, or more upgrades. Besides that your list is not bad.