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23-07-2011, 22:24
Hi everyone got a 1.5k tourney next week and im just looking into list now, i got a draft one below so please criticise away.

Dreadlord - Armour of Darkness & Crimson Death

Master - HA, SDC, Pendant of Khaeleth, Beastmaster Scourge & Dark Pegasus

18 Corsairs - FC, Add Hand Weapons, Sea Serpant Banner

18 Corsairs - FC, add Hand Weapons, Banner of Eternal Flame

5 Harpies

17 Black Guard - Full Command, Banner of Murder

2 x War Hydras

The Master is there for Scout and war machine hunting & the rest just charges.

Whats the feelings of a static shooting army?

23-07-2011, 23:42
The Master is illegal, he has 60pts of magic items. Give him the Sword of Might intead.

The Dreadlord is surplus to requirements, I would swap him out for a Cauldron BSB.

I think you could also get rid of one of the Corsair units for some xbows to give you some ranged ability.

Don Zeko
24-07-2011, 17:42
You ought to have a mage at 1500 points. 2D6 power dice is a lot of potential destruction to leave on the table.

27-07-2011, 21:31
Ok complete Redo more comments please:

Supreme Sorceress: lvl 4, Tome of Furion, Black Dragon Egg

Master: Dark Pegasus, Pendant of Khaleth, Heavy Armour, Sheild, Sea Dragon Cloak, Lance

30 Warriors: Sheilds, Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame.

15 Corsairs: Full Command, Sea Serpant Banner

5 Harpies

15 Witch Elves: Full Command

2 x War Hydras

1499 pts total

Comments please

27-07-2011, 22:10
The sword of might would be better than the lance, but overall I feel a Cauldron BSB would be better than the master.

I would also suggest making the Corsairs and Witches bigger- you can do this by dropping the champions on them, and cutting some of the warriors. If you take around 18 warriors with a musician, standard bearer and Standard of Discipline, you can also then swap the Tome of Furion for the Sacrificial Dagger and generate a very tidy magic phase.

The Black Dragon Egg on the level 4 is a nice touch, but without a ward save, you don't really want her in combat.

I'd put the flaming banner on the Witches- with their poison and volume of attacks, they'll quickly deal with hydras/abombs.

A unit of xbows would fit in nicely.