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Lord Inquisitor
23-07-2011, 22:54
This is a place for me to set down some notes about my journey through the Ard Boyz tournament this year. Iíll start with the prelims (this was about 2 months ago now, so my memory is a bit hazy), worth through the semis and up to the finals that were a week ago and Iíll try to give a bit more detail. If you just came for the promise of pics, only battle 9 has pics.

Since there is so much text, Iíve chosen to split up each game into a new post and Iíve forgone my usual magenta text. In many ways this has been a gaming diary for myself, but if you enjoy it too, all the better.

My army list, first of all:

Keeper of Secrets (650)
Allure of Slaanesh, Soul Hunger, Siren Song, Torment Blade
Level 4 wizard

The Masque (90)

Herald of Slaanesh (245)
Allure of Slaanesh, Torment Blade
Mount of Slaanesh
Battle Standard Bearer (Great Icon of Despair)

Herald of Slaanesh (120)
Siren Song, Torment Blade

Herald of Khorne (100)

Herald of Tzeentch (185)
Master of Sorcery (Death), Spell Breaker
Disc of Tzeentch

25 Daemonettes (355)
Full command (Banner of Ecstasy)

29 Bloodletters (403)
Full command (Icon of Endless War)

5 Chaos Furies (60)

5 Chaos Furies (60)

11 Seekers of Slaanesh (294)
Full Command

6 Fiends of Slaanesh (330)

3 Flamers of Tzeentch (105)

Grand total: 2997/3000

This was the list I brought to the finals but was very similar to the ones I took in the first two rounds.

Lord Inquisitor
23-07-2011, 22:56

Army list was the same except the 29 Bloodletters were instead 29 Daemonettes and the herald of Khorne was replaced by another Herald of Slaanesh. Plus there was only one unit of furies and 4 flamers.

Game 1. Vs High Elves

Played against a new opponent, who we shall call Brian (for that is his name). He brought Teclis in a bunker of phoenix guard, a horde of white lions and a couple of smaller units of white lions and swordmasters, several spearmen blocks and some eagles. The scenario was a nightfight sort of game but it didnít much affect it. Basically I divided to conquer, wherever Teclis beefed up with Flesh to Stone, I would use my superior movement to obliterate some other part of his line until eventually only Teclis was left in the phoenix guard bunker beset on all sides and Ld bombed to high heaven. Despite his magical buffs (apparently T7 phoneix guard are quite a pain to kill), he finally fled and my opponent was tabled. We shall meet Brian again, however, despite his crushing loss to me, he was able to make it into the top 3 for the prelims.

Lord Inquisitor
23-07-2011, 22:56
Game 2 Vs Wood Elves

First game against Wood Elves in 8th edition, I really didnít know what to expect. He had a unit of combat troops (glade guard?) with a prince and a level 4, a unit of wild riders with a hero on a stag, a large horde of archers and a big unit of dryads and thatís about it as I recall. He deployed the archers back, the dryads on one flank, the riders on the other flank and the big combat unit in a wood. I deployed the flamers off to one flank facing the wild riders and everything else basically in the middle. The scenario gave one unit boosted stats so I chose daemonettes and he chose his glade guard horde.

Turn 1 I moved cautiously up around a big forest in the middle of the board. Then at the end of my movement phase, his big deathstar unit teleported into that wood, in a prime position to charge anything in my army. :eek: Oh wow. This was a big issue (this unit could easily trash anything on the charge especially since the wood gave them poison) so I tried to solve it in the magic phase. I Ld-bombed that unit and succeeded in casting Acquiescence on that unit and yep, he failed even with the re-roll. They stumbled forward. The wild riders charged the flamers I had put in a forest, inflicting 7 wounds but not quite killing the unit. My opponent hadnít realised theyíd be Steadfast in a forest and was quite shocked when the last flamer passed its Ld test and held up his unit. At this point there was not much hope for the wood elves, the deathstar elf unit in the forest was viciously charged by daemonettes and the keeper, quickly broken and massacred to an elf. Dryads were rapidly embroiled in combat against scenario-special-rule-boosted daemonettes and quickly torn limb from limb (geddit?). The wild riders were viciously counter-charged by fiends and murdered. Very soon all that was left was a unit of archers at the back of the board, facing off against basically the entire daemon army. They surrendered, submitting themselves to the tender torments of the daemonettes. My opponent made a bold move with his primary unit and caught me TOTALLY off guard with it (I was completely unaware of the Moonstone and this was before they changed the FAQ so that itís now not possible to do what he did but it was explicitly allowed at the time of this tournament). Only the Ld bomb cheese pulled me out of the fire and turned the tables on the elves. Great opponent, played him many times since then (had a game of Storm of Magic today against him as it happens).

Lord Inquisitor
23-07-2011, 22:57
Game 3 Vs Dwarfs

Game 3 of the preliminary rounds was this crazy apocalyptic scenario. Every turn you had to roll on this insane table. My opponent was a good friend of mine running dwarfs. He had a couple of big blocks of quarrellers and a number of war machines (but not an indecent amount as we had practiced this scenario and he previously lost over 1500 points worth of stuff to a single lightning strike Ė our practice game ended in a draw with the world ending and when asked who won the game we replied ďthe weather!Ē as it actually scored more victory points than either of us did to each other combined!). First turn was relatively benign and I moved up. Turn 2 was disastrous, I was in charge range and then a Tsunami hit the board, preventing me from getting to grips with the Dwarfs, my Keeper bought it to a cannonball and I was whittled down, losing my BSB and seekers among other things. Things were looking grim but turn 3 a lightning storm blazed across the table, reducing most of his war machines to molten slag (again! Guess large lumps of metal arenít good to be standing near in apocalyptic lightning storms). My independent characters got killed and we were both struggling to maintain viable combat forces in the face of the elements. Desperate combat broke out as I tried to get my one remaining character, a lowly Slaanesh herald to the warp rift to seal the portal and prevent an automatic draw (why do daemons want to prevent the world being consumed by the Realm of Chaos? Well, they do want it but if itís going to happen they want to get the credit not some other daemon). Next turn Ė Tsunami again! My herald just made it to the portal and survived being shot at by the dwarfs, claiming the objective and finally the game for me. Massive casualties on both sides but more stunties dead and the bonus for the portal left me with a massacre. Insane scenario though, we were fighting the scenario more than anything else.

So by the end of the prelims if memory serves me right I had attained an almost flawless victory, three massacres with all bonus points bar one. Onto the semis I go!

Lord Inquisitor
23-07-2011, 22:58

Army list was as above but no flamers (liability for the KP scenario) and the furies were in one unit of 10 (same reason). What was really, really cool about the semis was that they were held at my local game store. Score! No 4 hour dive for me!

Game 4 – High elves.

Variant on the usual Ard Boyz Teclis build. Couple of blocks of spear-elves, hord-o-phoenix-guard with BSB. Teclis oddly on the front line in white lions. Spearmen blocks and swordmasters. This scenario was a quirky one, with it being based on kill points with specials and rares being worth more. This scenario either scared people into not taking usual units (few great eagles!) or people ignored it (the 6 cannon, 6 mortar, 3 hellblaster, 3 hellstrom build did NOT do well in this scenario :evilgrin:).

I won’t go into too much detail on this one. Suffice to say I used Siren Song to lead his swordmasters on a merry dance, smashed fiends through his spearelves, totally ran circles around his primary phoenix guard unit with my seekers and his primary unit just couldn’t get any unit in their sights, whacked my Keeper into Teclis’ unit butchering the white lions and breaking them through the Ld bomb. Very soon it was mop-up time except for the phoenix guard unit that never made it into combat because I didn’t want them to. I generally find the Ard Boyz has a totally unfounded reputation for ************* but I didn’t enjoy this game much I have to say. My opponent stopped me every thirty seconds to be shown what I was doing was correct and I had to drag the rulebook or get a judge more times than I could count. Even after being shown something basic was correct he’d still argue, for example, saying that while the rules said you could move within 1” of an enemy unit you weren’t charging, it didn’t say you could end your charge within 1” :wtf:. Not a terrible complaint, he wasn’t obnoxious or anything. Just not a very fun game. Still, max points for me.

Lord Inquisitor
23-07-2011, 23:00
Game 5 – Dark Elves.

Opponent brought 2 hydra (only 2? Remember the first scenario hugely penalised rares), 2 blocks of repeater crossbowmen, black guard, a spearblock, level 4 with sacrificial dagger, cauldron and the ubiquitous unkillable dreadlord. The scenario had this fanatic you had to capture that dealt horrible amounts of damage.

Thankfully the fanatic marched towards my lines and I was able to capture it with my Khorne block with not too horrific amounts of bloodletter blood being let. I moved my Keeper quickly up (looking back, far too rashly) to siren song his crossbowelves into combat with her. In the meantime my daemonettes were set up against the two hydra and a Xbow unit. My death mage moved up. In my magic phase, I got off an irresistible force Caress of Laniph on his Dreadlord (because it ignores armour saves but doesn’t have a strength value, it is one of very few attacks in the game that bypass both the armour and the reverse ward save.) My opponent took it very well (I’d have been cursing!) but I only dealt two wounds leaving the dreadlord with only one. In his turn, the crossbows charged the Keeper but without being able to get the Masque up to Ld bomb them, they didn’t break on the turn they charged and even did a wound to the Keeper! They died next round but left my keeper prime position to be charged by the dreadlord and his unit. Oops. I was looking at the daemonettes and realising they were seriously outmatched, I came up with a cunning plan – with a swift reform they could sneak into a nearby building and be pretty safe from his monsters. Of course I failed the Ld test so they couldn’t even back up and had to stand and brace for impact! My fiends squared off against his black guard and manned a wall.

My Keeper was charged by his Dreadlord’s unit and indeed the Dreadlord challenged her out. Unable to wound her thanks to her Allure, his unit nevertheless won heavily on static res as she couldn’t wound the Dreadlord either through attacks or thunderstomp! She had to test and she failed her test by 3 ... I had the option of re-rolling but I wasn’t sure if it wouldn’t make things worse and kill her... I took the wounds, leaving her with only one. In the meantime the daemonetttes got mauled by a double-hydra charge. Hydra are insane in 8th (as if they weren’t good enough in 7th), I like to joke they’re the gift that keeps on giving. Handler attacks, hydra’s 7 attacks, 2D6 S5 hits and then D6 thunderstomps. I took it, twice. The daemonettes were to hold out on steadfast, able to hold up the monsters for a few more rounds but were ultimately doomed I knew so I needed to make the most of their sacrifice. The fiends on the other hand took the black guard charge like champs and managed to win combat, although they didn’t break.

In my turn I charged in bloodletters to relieve the beleaguered greater daemon, removing the static res problem and allowing me to win combat – BUT the titanic challenge between dreadlord and keeper of secrets continued! My keeper couldn’t find a chink in the dreadlord’s armour and pendant, in return the dreadlord actually got to swing and even dealt that last wound but it was turned away on the Ward save – phew! Suffice to say I was sweating bullets. This was the ultimate duel between the unwoundable dreadlord and the unhittable keeper, each trading blows again and again trying to remove that last elusive wound from the other! The spearmen lost but held – because of the stubborn crown on, you guessed it, the dreadlord. My death mage wasn’t able to snipe the dreadlord as he was in combat and the bloodletters couldn’t interfere.

This combat continued the next turn, again, both generals trading blows again and again. I must have dealt a dozen wounds easy between my attacks and thunderstomp each round, and the dreadlord kept passing the Allure roll but still not being able to land a killing strike with his S6 great weapon. I’ve not known a more titanic and vital challenge between generals!

On the fourth round of mighty combat the Keeper got the upper claw and the dreadlord’s pendant finally failed him. She roared in triumph (I might have been shouting a bit too :angel:)

The discouraged spearelves finally broke without his stubborn crown and were quickly run down. My Keeper, exhausted and relieved to be alive, retreated out of crossbow range while the bloodletters cleaned up the cauldron, the fiends finished off the black guard and a hydra (although my Tzeentch herald did get caught and killed by one of the hydra.) In the end it was a max-points massacre for me, but it was absolutely one of the tensest and most fun games I have had and one that will stick in my mind. My opponent was an excellent player and an incredible sport, we had not the slightest rules argument and the game was as cinematic as you could possibly hope for. Plus, you know, I won, but seriously I would have been not too heartbroken if the tide had turned the other way.

Lord Inquisitor
23-07-2011, 23:01
Game 6 – High Elves.

So after the first two games there were three players with max points. Clearly two of us were going to play and one would get a soft pitch from a lower opponent. There was my army, a double-Slaan lizardmen list and a High Elf list played by Brian from the prelims. I drew against Brian of course and the double-Slaan list got the lesser player. (As it happened I think there was a slight miscalculation of scores and he got put up against someone with one win and one loss rather than two wins, which was a shame as it gave him a really soft pitch).

Brian’s list was very similar to the first round. Teclis was in a bunker of swordmasters with Caradryan and a BSB. Horde of white lions, etc etc. The difference was this time he knew exactly what my army could do! Scenario was Blood and Glory but with 600pts to the victor.

Things got off to a shaky start. Teclis was a one man magic machine and Throne-boosted Flesh to Stone on a horde of white Lions is a unit I just cannot engage. This really made things difficult for me. So I engaged the flanks of his army, throwing my Seekers into combat with spearelves on the left and fiends into spearelves on the right, my daemonettes hunkering down in a building in the centre after they took a Dwellers to the face while my bloodletters dithered facing off against this horrible T7 elf horde. Striking last against a foe with WS5, re-rolls to hit and wounding me on 2+, when I can only wound them on 6’s? Not something my Bloodletters were used to. My mounted daemonettes lost combat badly, only the BSB and a single seeker were left. Strangely, my BSB was actually more able to handle combat next round (since the elves couldn’t attack her) and with a bit of help from the Keeper, broke the unit and ran them down but not before the Seekers were lost. One banner down.

The daemonettes in the building got assaulted by Teclis’ unit and the bloodletters were the unfortunate recipients of a charge from the hord-o-white-lions. Teclis buffed them again, T7 made me sad. The daemonettes in the building got butchered by the swordmasters, I knew I couldn’t take another charge. The Bloodletters were slaughtered in short order. I was one point away from breaking and on the ropes. I tried to get the daemonettes out of the building in a way that they wouldn’t get charged but it was hopeless. They got charged and slaughtered, breaking my army and affording my opponent 600vps. Then... my death mage finally cast a caress at teclis with IF. Dead high loremaster.

My daemons, on the back foot, cracked their knuckles and even though by this point all I really had was the characters and the fiends, it was time for payback. My daemons literally had their backs against the wall (or rather board edge). The Keeper butchered the white lion horde in one swift and brutal round of combat. One by one I destroyed his army although I couldn’t quite get the swordmasters and caradryan unfortunately, I was too scared of caradryan to charge. In hindsight I should have done (I would still have placed top 3 if I had lost the keeper), but I didn’t want to risk it.

I can’t quite remember if this was a minor or a major win now but I do remember I was only about 100vps shy even with the 600 point deficit of getting the next band. This put me a couple points behind the lizardman guy ... 100 points more and I would have scooped 1st (and that free army), but 2nd wasn’t too shabby. My third round opponent still had enough points to pull 3rd place. Onto the finals!

Lord Inquisitor
23-07-2011, 23:04

Finals were up in Media PA, about 5 hours drive. Brian made it to the finals as well so we drove up together. Bit of a drive, but not too bad considering!

Game 7 vs Empire
Scenario was simple meeting engagement “king of the hill” with a hill in the middle that was worth 600vps. My opponent had a very typical Empire build. Popemobile with VHS, couple of halberdier hordes maybe 40 or 50 strong, flagellant horde, three cannons, three mortars, stank. Another arch lector, priest, life Lvl4 and engineer rounded off characters.

Due to the random deployment it happened that he deployed over to my right side, refusing the left flank with the artillery over to the far right with the left anchored with the popemobile and stank. I had to deploy daemonettes over to that flank and everything else in the middle. On the plus side I did get the first turn.

I moved up vigorously turn 1, facing my fiends off against his stank and the keeper moving up to siren-song a large unit of halberdiers to use as human shield against the inevitable cannonade, avoiding the arcs of the bloody pope (can’t let the keeper get into that one!). With vanguard my seekers were already behind his lines. My death mage moved up behind the fiends. 6-dice purple sun BLAM IF and dead steam tank! Boyah! That’s how it’s done. My wizard lost the spell and a level as a response, no problemo. The keeper also miscast, losing 2 levels and sadly losing Phantasmagoria, leaving my opponent with so much magical superiority it wasn’t funny.

Unfortunately for me, the halberdiers failed their charge (only needing 9” too!), leaving my keeper sadly without her human shield and facing up against three cannons. He moved his halberdiers and flagellants up to the right to face off against my bloodletters. In the magic phase he cast Dwellers on my ‘letters, killing a few. Shooting phase my keeper managed to survive the cannons – one cannon hit her and failed to wound, one missed and one wounded her but she passed her save. Mounted daemonettes took a pounding from mortar fire.

My Keeper charged into the halberdiers, who were hit by the Ld bomb. I got one unit of furies into one of the cannons. The fiends faced off against the pope, daring him to charge. Magic was uneventful, the Keeper trashed the halberdiers who fled yet she didn’t get off the board, ready to take another set of cannonballs next turn. Furies failed to kill or break the cannon they charged. My bloodletters just kept facing off against the greatswords and flagellants, my mounted daemonettes and masque came rushing around behind his lines to threaten the artillery emplacement.
In his turn, he charged the pope into the fiends (suited me just fine), greatswords charged in to rescue the cannon. The other two cannons offloaded at the Keeper and one of the cannonballs hit and wounded her, she was lucky to escape with only two or three wounds taken. Phew. Those cannons need to die! Mortars concentrated on the bloodletters, bringing them down to less than half strength.

In combat the halberdiers clear off the furies stuck all over their cannon. The Fiends pull out all the stops and inflict 4 wounds on the war altar(!).
I started to clean up now. My furies and seekers started to charge the war machines. My bloodletters charged the greatswords, who got Ld bombed. (There was a bit of contention here and we called over a judge as to whether being forced to maximise could draw a second unit into combat, which would have put the flagellants against the bloodletters as well, but it was ruled against). Keeper moved up inside mortar range.

The bloodletters broke and ran down the greatswords (unexpectedly!). I cleared up on his war machines, leaving only 2 mortars unengaged at the end of combat. He charged the bloodletters with his last halberdier block (with his level 4 in there) in the flank and halberdiers in the rear. Predictably they didn’t last long. He followed up into a unit of furies attacking that cannon the last unit of furies failed to kill. I charged into these units with flamers in the rear of the halberdiers and the keeper and fiends into the flagellants (somewhat overkill, but there’s no such thing as overkill, only “enough kill” right?). The seekers continued into the other war machines. In the combat phase the flagellants were wiped out to a man and the halberdiers lost combat requiring snake eyes. They did, unfortunately, succeed in killing off the furies, meaning the only unit in contact and able to pursue were the flamers, who didn’t catch them. Even worse, the unit fled directly towards the objective in the middle of the board (currently held by the daemonette unit that’d been sitting there all game as they couldn’t get into combat)!

Of course the unit rallied. Pests. The level 4 life wizard cracked his knuckles and cast Dwellers on my Keeper. He rolled high and I couldn’t match the dispel without throwing dice and hoping for box cars (I’d used my dispel scroll already). Only a 1 in 6 chance, right? Of course I rolled that 6 and my Keeper died. Even worse the rallied unit was contesting the objective and denying me 600 vps bonus.

Well, that unit needed to die. I moved out my slaanesh herald to siren-song the unit to prevent it from reforming or charging the daemonettes. I then arrayed my units to deal with this pesky unit. In his turn he failed the charge (not great for me, it didn’t put him far enough from the objective!) but cast Unbreakable from his Priest, which I failed to dispel. No problem, I can dispel it in my turn, right? So I charged the unit with the masque in the rear and the bsb in the flank. Then I made critical game mistake #1 – I forgot to dispel Unbreakable. I should have put a marker down or something but I tried to cast something with my death mage instead. As a kick in the nuts, the mage miscast and blew himself up.

So despite reducing their Ld to 3 or so and winning combat easily, I couldn’t break that last unit. In his turn I still couldn’t prevent that unit from being unbreakable again, and while I almost did the priest in (which would have dispelled the spell), no cigar. Then we heard “don’t start a new turn” so we started to pack up there. Annoyingly the TO told us maybe 10 minutes later not to start another turn again – argh! One more turn and I could certainly have finished the buggers off. Not my opponent’s fault at all, but frustrating.

This meant with my keeper dead and the objective contested, I only had a major victory with no bonus points. Not exactly shabby but I knew this would make the top spot difficult to attain. On the plus side, I might get a softer pitch next round.

Lord Inquisitor
23-07-2011, 23:05
Game 8 – vs High Elves

My opponent for the second round was ... Brian with his High Elves! Ha ha ha... his face when he found out that he’d be playing me again for the third round in a row. We had been joking on the drive up that he’d draw me and sure enough it happened and the TO said he wouldn’t change the draws (fair enough).

This was a scenario where there were barrels of beer hidden in the 5 terrain features around the board. Brian and I had tested this scenario before and it required core units to find the beer. My furies found the beer in the two pieces of terrain in my deployment zone, my bloodletters marched towards the centre with deamonettes over to the far right and fiends to the left. He found a keg of beer to the left with a block of spearmen who got to hold onto it for about five seconds before the fiends smashed into them. His archers on the right didn’t get to search for beer as they got siren-songed. Bloodletters faced off against white lion horde but didn’t charge, my seekers got BEHIND teclis’ unit, the Keeper charged spearelves in the middle. The Keeper broke and destroyed the spearelves in the middle, even worse, a unit of untouched swordmasters, with Ld10 and a BSB re-roll, failed their panic check and ran off the board. The fiends finished of the spearelves on the left.

Things went from bad to worse when in his turn, Teclis failed to cast irresistibly on 5 dice... twice! I shut down his magic with a spellbreaker gift and my dice and he was in a terrible position. I declared a charge against Teclis’ unit... here’s the fun bit. He wasn’t that close to me and it was clear that a good flee would get away from me. So he fled. Unfortunately, he fled just within the maximum charge range of my furies, who were sitting on my baseline. So I declared a charge with them too, forcing Teclis’ unit to turn around and flee back towards the seekers, who ran them down easily. My opponent conceded, but asked that we play out the combat between the white lion horde vs the bloodletter horde just for fun without me interfering with magic or the Ld bomb stuff or other units. Surprisingly, the bloodletters actually managed to beat them after a gruelling three or four rounds of combat. In the end the field was mine with all 5 kegs found. Max points to me after only a half hour maybe hour game tops. Brian has given me a run for my money in the previous round (and his dwarfs shot up my daemons pretty badly in a practice game) so that was some of the worst luck I’ve seen in quite a while! Teclis really seemed to just lie down and die this time...

Lord Inquisitor
23-07-2011, 23:15
Game 9 Vs Daemons of Chaos.

So final game, final round, on table 1. Now this was shaping up to be a game of warhammer! My opponent was fielding daemons and it was clear very quickly that despite the differences in characters and core units I was basically facing a mirror-match – another Ld bomb Daemon force! Not something I’ve ever really faced.

His army had:

Great Unclean one with Noxious Vapours and Balesword (i.e. capable of killing my keeper outright)

Epidemius, Masque, Changeling, Tzeentch BSB with Icon of Dispair, Siren-song herald on steed, Blue Scribes

Block of horrors, two Nurgle Plaguebearer blocks. 5 Furies

5 Fiends of Slaanesh, 2 single-fiend units, 6 flamers

Set up. Since this was battle for the pass, there was little manoeuvre room. We each knew just how devastating Siren Song could be so we set up accordingly. The Keeper and Seekers were shielded by furies on my side, his fiends and great unclean one blocked by single fiends facing the wrong way.

I got first turn, I simply shuffled forward a bit, trying to get my flamers and fiends around to left flank a bit as he had set up slightly refused to my right. I kept furies in front of my seekers and keeper and allowed my slaanesh and khorne heralds to set foot on the temple of skulls.

In his turn he marched flamers up towards my right flank towards the seekers shielded by furies. Everything else moved up. His flamers surprisingly tried to shoot my seekers through the fury shield and killed only one. He blocked my bloodletters with his furies.

PICTURE 1 - EARLY MOVES (http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b13/Eoin_Angel/WFBArdBoyzFinalspicturediagrams.jpg)

In an effort to clear off the lone fiends that were waving their butts at me, I charged both my fury units into them (1) and (3) in the above picture. This revealed my seekers which charged the flamers (2). My Khorne herald prayed to Khorne and was rewarded with improved Toughness, but I didn’t pray with my Tzeentch or Slaanesh heralds as I couldn’t risk them just yet. Still trying to anticipate what he was going to do with his siren song, I moved up with my daemonettes on the left, with my keeper, fiends and death herald skirting around his flank (4). I attempted to cast a purple sun through those massive blocks of plaguebearers and the GUO, but failed or was dispelled. I didn’t really get a good lot of power dice all game.

In combat, the bloodletters cleaned off his furies (not shown), the Furies on the left (3) failed to kill his fiend but didn’t lose either. The Furies on the right (1) killed the fiend through combat res (as I charged the rear) and reformed to block the Fiends (or so I thought!). The Seekers (2) destroyed the flamers easily.

In his turn, I siren songed his plaguebearers, who failed their charge (5). This was to prevent them harassing my flanking elements. In his turn however, he moved his slaanesh herald attached to the fiends out of the unit past the blocking furies (6). Good move, sir! I had not anticipated this and it was an excellent move on his part.

PICTURE 2 - THE BAIT (http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b13/Eoin_Angel/Slide3.jpg)

This move (1) put him in siren-song range of my keeper. Nicely done. In my turn he obviously forced her to charge in (2). I also threw the daemonettes in there for good measure.

CRITICAL MISTAKE #2. I should have prayed to Khorne with my Slaanesh herald at the start of the movement phase while she was on the temple. I didn’t do it before because I could have lost one of my critical Siren Songs but with the Song used, there was no reason not to pray and get an extra scenario bonus point.

So I killed the Slaanesh Herald but it left me open to being charged. I tried to get the Bloodletters into combat with the GUO but it was an awkward charge. After a bit of musing as to whether I could combo charge the GUO and the plaguebearers (see (1) in picture 3, below), we got a judge and it was decided I couldn’t and his GUO would be free to whack my Keeper.

PICTURE 3 - THE TRAP IS SPRUNG (http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b13/Eoin_Angel/Slide1.jpg)

In his turn, my bloodletters were charging the plaguebearers (1), his Great Unclean One charged my poor keeper in the flank (it was insanely close to the edge of his charge arc after I rotated but after grumbling a bit I accepted) (2) and the other plaguebearer unit charged in (3). Annoyingly this left my Death wizard eligible to be charged but fortunately for me, he failed his charge move (4).

PICTURE 4 - GREATER DAEMON DUEL (http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b13/Eoin_Angel/90822c41.jpg)

I had Ld-bombed his Unclean One but sadly Masque wasn’t feeling it and I only reduced him by -3. He stripped me of ASF and reduced her stats to 1 with Miasma but that didn’t make a huge amount of difference. He had to make a Ld test ... and failed. But had a BSB re-roll ... and passed. Curses! Two hits, two automatic wounds (curse you balesword!) and boom, two failed saves and a very dead keeper. Contemptuously, the GUO turned his back on the Daemonettes.

In the meantime, In his magic phase he reduced the fiends to S2 with his shadow mage BSB and in combat the bloodletters vaporised the plaguebearers and over-ran into the Tzeentchian daemon block – see (1) in picture 5, below.

PICTURE 5 - THE TIDE TURNS (http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b13/Eoin_Angel/Slide2.jpg)

My turn again. The daemonettes charged his GUO (3) (uh, yeah, I’ll charge your general in the rear? This was one of the only mistakes my opponent made). The fiends charged in (2) to support the bloodletters and prevent him from making way with his characters. They were S2, but it’s okay, I can dispel that in my magic phase, right? Right? I also figured that if the unit survived, I could reform the bloodletters deeper.

Not shown in the picture above but my seekers bugged out from there around the bottom of the pic to hide away from the fiends. In my magic phase my death mage succeeded in casting Doom and Darkness on the Pink Horrors (which, with hindsight, I wish I had cast on the Great Unclean One instead, but at the time I think I made the right decision and the Masque bombed the GUO’s Ld (since he’d provide a boost to the basic Ld of the Horrors anyway, reducing his Ld affects both). Then I had 3 dice to my opponent’s 5 and, lacking anything better to do, cast soulblight and was dispelled. Only... yes... I got excited and failed to dispel Enfeebling Foe and just threw away those dice when he had a level 4 to my level 2 and two more dice than me! AAAAAARRRGH!

CRITICAL MISTAKE #3 Forgot to dispel Enfeebling Foe. There was even a spellcard next to them! I even said out loud that I was going to dispel it before but when the magic phase came around I forgot!

So in combat the fiends achieved nothing except giving the opponent combat res. Dammit. The Bloodletters did their job although the Herald had to hide at the back like a wuss from the Changeling. Still I won by quite a bit and with -5 Ld and unable to get any benefit from their general (who was also at -4), they lost by quite a bit. He failed the first test badly but the BSB allowed a re-roll (I was starting to hate the guy by now) and rolled a three, meaning only a few more died and the unit survived.

CRITICAL MISTAKE #4 Forgot to reform the bloodletters deeper. Another noob mistake, they would have had more ranks and more attacks against the fiends who were about to charge.

The GUO killed a few daemonettes but lost combat due to static res and lost 5 wounds thanks to his lowered Ld.

In his turn, he couldn’t charge his plaguebearers to help the GUO (we had to get a judge to see if he could fudge it, he couldn’t). Instead he reformed them to threaten the fiends, hoping the GUO would last! He thought long and hard about the fiends charging a bit of a risky charge towards the daemonettes and decided again to risk the GUO and charge into the bloodletters’ flank (4, above).

PICTURE 6 - ENDGAME (http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b13/Eoin_Angel/ec92a6d5.jpg)

The GUO cast miasma (he was apparently getting crazy bonuses due to epidemius being maxed out. Think this was a mistake on my opponent’s part looking back at the pictures I don’t see how by this stage that Nurgle followers had done more than about 16 wounds but I don’t think it made a lot of difference). My daemonettes won combat again and still at Ld5 minus whatever he lost combat by, I was really hoping he’d just vanish after the first roll failed badly but the BSB re-roll meant he survived with 3 wounds remaining. So close, so close! Curse that BSB!

The damn Enfeebling went away as I dispelled it (grr!) but I just couldn’t finish off those pesky horrors. The BSB finally got cut down by bloodletters but the fiends didn’t succeed in killing all the horrors – that little git, the changeling survived, and the fiends attacking the bloodletters meant I lost combat. Damn.

We called it there due to time although one more turn would certainly have been interesting – the fiends were undoubtably dead but then so were the horrors and possibly epidemius and almost certainly the GUO.

He had only killed the two units of furies on my side plus the Keeper, but the 750 points she gave up left me with a minor victory. Excellent opponent, seriously one of the most thought-provoking games I’ve played – the first few turns trying to out manoeuvre each other with sirensongs and units that can’t flee was simply amazing – all our cheese cancelled out and we were left with an extremely tactical game. Doesn’t seem that exciting now I’ve written it out but it really involved some brain strain on our parts. Great opponent, made me laugh quite a bit (at one point he said he hadn’t taken something or other because “that’d be cheesy”... while playing on table 1 of the ard boyz final game!).

Final results for the Ard Boyz tournament, neither of us on Table 1 had enough points for first. That went to one of the lower tables who got a massacre. I ended up joint third... My third round opponent had enough extra points from his first game that he actually had still more points than me even though I beat him – one more point than me! The tie-breaker for 3rd was VPs so because I didn’t score that many VPs I lost out on that too. If I had just prayed to Khorne with my slaanesh herald, that would have put me joint second and I would have won the tie-breaker there (as I beat him!). So close, so close. However, I made the critical mistakes myself and I deserved to have been punished by them.

That said, I got $100 swag as a conciliation prize from Showcase Comics because I did place joint third, which was a really, really nice thing for them to do, it really sweetened up what would have been quite a disappointment. The store there is simply amazing, a truly phenomenal gaming store and they run great tournaments.

So there you go. If you’ve read this far, it’s 14 pages on Word. Yikes. If you’ve actually read through all of this, thanks! Ard Boyz was a great experience this year, I’ve made a number of new friends I game with regularly and I hope to meet my other opponents on the field of battle sometime! I enjoyed myself and had some of the most tactical and memorable games ever as part of this tournament. My record was 9 games, 9 wins. 6 massacres, 2 majors and a minor. Not too shabby!

handsome jack
24-07-2011, 06:30
Excellant report, what armies finished top 3? In the midwest finals it was DOC 1 skaven 2 and DE 3rd

El Antiguo GuardiŠn
24-07-2011, 14:18
Excelent, youīre a progammer.

Lord Inquisitor
24-07-2011, 20:46
Excellant report, what armies finished top 3? In the midwest finals it was DOC 1 skaven 2 and DE 3rd
I am afraid I just don't really know. I know 2nd was the daemon guy I played, but not sure about 1st and 3rd. I was pretty sure the top three tables were daemons-daemons on 1, daemons-skaven on 2 and daemons-skaven on 3, but I've no idea who won those. I think the top three were daemons and skaven anyway. :o

Excelent, youīre a progammer.
Cheers! Uh, what does being a "programmer" mean?

25-07-2011, 06:22
I had the option of re-rolling

No you don't. If you fail a Ld test, you must re-roll if you are in range of your bsb.

25-07-2011, 07:12
An awesome read, as great as that reply you sent to my PM about Mono-Slaanesh daemons.


How useful are a simple unit of 3 flamers though?

25-07-2011, 10:30
How useful are a simple unit of 3 flamers though?

Extremely, I'd imagine. Multipurpose, cheap and still capable of significant output.

Thanks for the reports, Lord Inquisitor, though I am shocked by the lack of pink. I really wish Daemons didn't have the bad reputation they have, because I'd really like to collect them at some point :(

25-07-2011, 15:20
Nice writeups, the joys of ard boyz were you can play with all the meanest combos and no one will complain :p

25-07-2011, 17:17
Darn that army is EVIL!!! Great playing and congratz on placing so well!

Lord Inquisitor
25-07-2011, 18:47
No you don't. If you fail a Ld test, you must re-roll if you are in range of your bsb.
Ehhh... this is true. I didn't realise that, they FAQed the general to be a "may use" but not the BSB. On the other hand, the BSB re-roll the text in the army book is 'Note that an Instability test can be re-rolled if the Battle Standard is within 12"', which I think is vague enough to allow not re-rolling if desired as a possible interpretation. :cheese:

How useful are a simple unit of 3 flamers though?
Not bad. I'd prefer at least 4, but I just couldn't find the points. I had 4 in games 1-3 and they were incredibly useful. 3 is a little bit small but they were there to harass small annoying units like Eagles or skinks, or to chip off a few wounds from abombs and hydra. None of these things happened so they weren't that useful in the finals but I'd still take them. (I didn't take them in the semis as the first scenario really penalised rares and with 6-8 wounds they were a liability).

Really liked them for hiding in woods. -2 to hit with shooting and steadfast too, very annoying to wrinkle out.

Thanks for the reports, Lord Inquisitor, though I am shocked by the lack of pink.
Ha ha ha... I knew someone would be sad about that. Pink is back.

I really wish Daemons didn't have the bad reputation they have, because I'd really like to collect them at some point :(
I wouldn't let that stop you. Right now I have two primary armies, my ogres and my daemons and that way I can run a "top tier" army and a "bottom tier" army (although I've won 3 of the last 4 tournaments with Ogres and made a local competitive daemon player throw his hands up and complain he can't beat them :D). But while Demons are still obviously one of the top armies they are much less problematic than before.

Nice writeups, the joys of ard boyz were you can play with all the meanest combos and no one will complain :p
And it is indeed a joy.

Gabacho Mk.II
25-07-2011, 23:48
Not to derail your thread in any way:

The day that GW accurately costs Immune to Psychology and Unbreakable into undead and daemons, the less number of voices will cry out "broken!"....


26-07-2011, 01:12
Great report, Demons are plain nasty.

Not to derail your thread in any way:

The day that GW accurately costs Immune to Psychology and Unbreakable into undead and daemons, the less number of voices will cry out "broken!"....

:)Undead are unstable now. I'd give up unbreakable and unstable for steadfast these days.
It remains to be seen if the next incarnation of DoC will be unstable or not.

Lord Inquisitor
26-07-2011, 03:37
Not to derail your thread in any way:

The day that GW accurately costs Immune to Psychology and Unbreakable into undead and daemons, the less number of voices will cry out "broken!"....


No doubt that Daemons are still #1 but the distance has lessened considerably. Ard Boyz a couple of years ago virtually everyone at the finals would have had daemons bar a couple of dark elves maybe.

Undead are not an issue anymore. Powerful, yes, but not broken. As for Daemons being ItP, I agree. I think daemons would have been much less problematic had they been immune to fear instead and took an Instability test whenever they should have taken a Panic test. Not so much panic but more whenever daemons are banished there is a psychic shockwave that can suck nearby daemons into the warp.

31-07-2011, 09:37
A great read, i much prefer those games which require alot of head scratching.

31-07-2011, 12:49
Brilliant batreps, read the lot and really enjoyed them! Any chance for some Ogre batreps? :D

Lord Inquisitor
01-08-2011, 20:46
Brilliant batreps, read the lot and really enjoyed them! Any chance for some Ogre batreps? :D

Here's one I prepared earlier. (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5682814#post5682814)