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24-07-2011, 10:41
Scenario: Blood and Glory
Date Played: 17th July 2011

So after a little break from doing anything hobby related, me and a friend got together for a slightly larger game than usual. We both brought out our regular armies, and "bolted on" an extra 500pts to the lists.

Clan Skrit


[GS][SB] Grey Seer, Screaming Bell, Skalm (470pts)


[BSB] Chieftain, Battle Standard Bearer, Halberd, Talisman of Preservation (117pts)
[PP][PF] Plague Priest, Plague Furnace, Level 2, Flail (104pts)
[WE] Warlock Engineer, Level 1, Warp-energy Condenser, Doom Rocket (115pts)


[CR1] 45 Clanrats, Clawleader, Standard Bearer, Musician, Spears, Shields (245pts)
[WFT1] Warpfire Thrower (70pts)
[CR2] 29 Clanrats, Clawleader, Standard Bearer, Musician, Shields (150.5pts)
[WFT2] Warpfire Thrower (70pts)
[SS1] 50 Skaven Slaves Musician (102pts)
[SS2] 50 Skaven Slaves Musician (102pts)


[PM] 45 Plague Monks Bringer-of-the-Word, Standard Bearer, Musician, Plague Banner (370pts)
[RO] 6 Rat Ogres, 3 Packmasters (279pts)
[GR] 8 Gutter Runners Slings, Poisoned Attacks (144pts)


[WLC] Warp Lightning Cannon (90pts)
[DW] Doomwheel (150pts)
[HPA] Hellpit Abomination (235pts)

Total: ~3000pts

Orcs & Goblins


[BOW] Black Orc Warboss, Sword of Bloodshed, Enchanted Shield (185pts)
[OGS] Savage Orc Great Shaman, Level 4, Shrunken Head, Fencers Blades (290pts)
[NGS] Night Gobin Great Shaman, Level 4, Talisman of Protection (225pts)


[BSB] Night Goblin Bigboss, Battle Standard Bearer, Armour of Silvered Steel, Great Weapon (104pts)
[NGB1] Night Goblin Bigboss, Great Weapon (34pts)
[NGB2] Night Goblin Bigboss, Great Weapon (34pts)


[SOB] 29 Savage Orcs Boyz, Bigguns, Standard Bearer, Musician, Two Choppas (339pts)
[NG] 77 Night Goblins, Standard Bearer, Spears, Netters, Fanatic (311pts)
[OA] 30 Orc Arrer Boyz, Bows, Standard Bearer, Musician (230pts)
[NGA] 29 Night Goblin Archers, Bows, Netters, Fanatic, Standard Bearer, Musician (177pts)
[SR] 5 Spider Riders, Musician (75pts)


[BO] 29 Black Orcs, Standard Bearer, Musicians, Flaming Banner (378pts)
[OC1] Orc Boar Chariot (85pts)
[OC2] Orc Boar Chariot (85pts)
[SC1] Spear Chuckka (35pts)
[SC2] Spear Chuckka (35pts)


[AS] Arachnarok Spider (290pts)
[DD] Rocklobba (85pts)

Total: 2997pts

24-07-2011, 10:45

The Orcs won the roll to pick table sides, and opted for the side with the biggest hill (also the side closest to where his army had been setup ready to start deployment :)).

The Orcs deployment was fairly central, with the Arachnarok Spider taking up position to protect the left flank and the two archer units on the far right.

The Skaven setup both "buses" of Slaves opposite the Orc combat units (Black Orcs and Savage Orcs) and the Plague Monks faced off against the Night Goblins, with the Screaming Bell taking up position behind.

This left little room for the Rat Ogres and Hellpit Abomination, who ended up deploying out in the open. :(

Finally the Gutter Runners got as close as they could to the Night Goblin Archers, hoping to sneak past them and get close to the Goblin artillery on the hill.

Grey Seer: Bless with Filth, Wither, Death Frenzy, Curse of the Horned Rat
Plague Priest: Pestilent Breath, Vermintide
Warlock Engineer: Warp Lightning
Savage Orc Great Shaman: 'Ere We Go, Foot of Gork, The Hand of Gork, Brain Bursta
Night Goblin Great Shaman: Gift of the Spider God, Vindictive Glare, ?, ?

24-07-2011, 10:45
Turn 1 - Orcs & Goblins

I forgot to take pictures of the Orc movement, but the whole army pretty much moved up - although not as quickly as they could have. The Night Goblin Archers on the right flank let lose their Fanatic, but it failed to reach the Gutter Runners who were lurking on the edge of the woods.

The Orc magic phase started a dangerous trends for the game. The Savage Orc Great Shaman cast Foot of Gork (with irresistable force) on the Rat Ogres. 4 of the big brutes fell, and the remaining 2 each suffered a wound (one was the Master-Bred).

The enormous green foot then came down again, this time onto the Plague Monks, killing 12 :eyebrows:

Fortunately, for the Skaven, the spell ended there and the resulting miscast inflicted a wound on both of the Orc & Goblin shamans.

The Night Goblin Great Shaman then cast Gift of the Spider God on the Orc Archers, giving them poisoned shots.

In the shooting phase the Rock Lobba landed a shot on the Plague Monks, killing more of the disease ridden rodents. The Orc Archers managed to inflict 2 wounds from poisoned shots on the Hellpit Abomination. But the rest of the Goblin shooting was uneventful.

24-07-2011, 10:46
Turn 1 - Clan Skrit

Not having expected so much damage to two of their combat units, the Skaven advanced to try and make the most of what they still had.

On the far right, the Gutter Runners passed their test to march and got out of LoS of the Night Goblin Archers.

In the centre, the surviving Rat Ogres moved up to sacrifice themselves in return for keeping the Black Orcs away from the Skaven on the left. The Hellpit Abomination moved up to threaten both of the Orc and Night Goblin archer units.
The Skaven Slaves also moved up to keep the Black Orcs trapped if they took the Rat Ogre bait.

On the left, the Doomwheel moved out from behind the building, in full view of the Arachnarok Spider. The Plague Monks and Clanrats moved up, but not too close as the Slaves in the centre had triggered a Night Goblin Fanatic to appear right in their path.

The magic phase was pretty uneventful, with a low roll for the winds of magic, and the Orcs managing to shut down most spell attempts.

In the shooting phase the Doomwheel managed to hold off from firing (one of the Warpfire Throwers was the closest target). The two weapons teams were out of range, and had moved.

The Gutter Runners on the far right shot their slings at the Night Goblin Archers and managed to kill 3 with poisoned shots.

Lastly, the Warplightning Cannon once again showed what it was capable off and misfired when attempting to shoot the Arachnarok Spider! Fortunately it just fired a shot backwards off the edge of the board.

24-07-2011, 10:46
Turn 2 - Orcs & Goblins

The Black Orcs opted for the direct approach and started the turn by charging the remaining Rat Ogres in the centre.

On the left flank the Arachnarok Spider attempted a charge on the Doomwheel, but the Skaven contraption opted to flee and easily escaped the enourmous spider.

On the right the Night Goblin Archers chose to ignore the Gutter Runners and reformed to face back into the rest of the battle. Their fanatic doesn't do any damage for the rest of the game, so probably won't get mentioned much...

Thankfully the Orc magic phase was far less productive than last turn. With another low roll for the winds of magic, the Orcs only managed to re-cast Gift of the Spider Gods on the Orc Archers.

The Orc Archers than made use of their extended "gift" and shot the Hellpit Abomination, taking another 3 wounds from the mass of flesh. The Goblin artillery pieces then all aimed for the Hellpit hoping to take it's final wound. It took all three to do it (both Spearchuckas missing of course) but the Skaven beast was slain.

The Black Orcs made short work of the Rat Ogres. The Packmasters survived and fled through the Skaven Slaves, who passed their panic test, and wouldn't play much of a role in the rest of the game. The Black Orcs chose to reform instead of pursue.

24-07-2011, 10:47
Turn 2 - Clan Skrit

Figuring it was better to charge than be charged. The right-most Slave unit declared a charge on the Orc Chariot accompanying the Black Orcs. It elected to flee, but rolled pretty low and was run down.

The other Slave unit moved up to keep the Black Orcs occupied in the centre while the rest of the Skaven army could deal with the Night Goblins.

Both the Packmasters and the Doomwheel successfully rallied.

Up in the top-right corner the Gutter Runners took up position to fire on the Night Goblin Great Shaman - who in the previous turn had left his bunker of Archers.

Then finally on the left, the Skaven advanced very cautiously, not wanting to get too close to the Night Goblin Fanatic whirling around in front of them - in light of the casualties the Plague Monks had already suffered they couldn't risk 2D6 hits and still be effective against the Night Goblin horde.

The Grey Seer managed to cast the Curse of the Horned Rat on the Night Goblins, killing about 12.

In the shooting phase, both Warpfire Throwers were out of range of the Night Goblin horde. The Plague Furnace attempted to use it's template attack to kill the Fanatic in front of it, but it passed it's toughness test.

The Gutter Runners managed to put 2 wounds on the Night Goblin Great Shaman, but between it's Talisman of Preservation and the look out sir roll from the nearby Orc Archers both were saved.

Yet again the Warplightning Cannon managed to do what it does best...

24-07-2011, 10:48
Turn 3 - Orcs & Goblins

This turn the combats started. The Black Orcs and Orc Archers both charged into a unit of Slaves. The Black Orcs were supported by the remaining Orc Chariot.

On the right, the Night Goblin Great Shaman needed a new set of bodies to cover himself from the Gutter Runners.

The only other movement was on the far left where the Arachnarok Spider attempted a charge on the recently rallied Doomwheel but failed to make the distance. The Spider Riders made use of their free reform to try and fit through the gap that was left ready for next turn.

In the magic phase Gorks foot demonstrated how much it liked Plague Monks by squashing a load more - again with irresistible force! Their numbers were now pretty depleted.

In combat, the Black Orcs inflicted a large number of casualties but not enough to stop the Slaves passing their steadfast test. The Orc Archers couldn't manage as much damage, and also failed to break the Slaves.

24-07-2011, 10:48
Turn 3 - Clan Skrit

The turn of special effects...:cheese:

There were no charges this turn, but the Doomwheel opened up by slamming into the face of the Arachnarok Spider.

The rest of the Skaven army moved up into better positions. The Gutter Runners moving up to start shooting down the Goblin artillery. While the Packmasters moved up to try and get in the way of the Black Orcs/Orc Archers.

On the left, the Clanrats who had spent the whole game so far holed up in the tower decided to move up behind the rapidly diminishing unit of Slaves. The Warlock Engineer and BSB still accompanying them - in an attempt to both do some damage and to keep the BSB where he was needed.

In the magic phase the Grey Seer again cast Curse of the Horned Rat, this time only killing a few Savage Orcs. However the resulting miscast dropped him to a level 3 caster, and made him forget the Dreaded Thirteenth spell :(

The shooting phase opened up well, with the Warplightning Cannon misfiring AGAIN* and this time blowing itself up.

* = I have started tracking it's "success" rate in my signature if you want to see the stats over my games so far.

Then the magic happened. First off the Doomwheel rolled an 8 for the strength of it's shooting attacks, and managed to kill the Arachnarok Spider outright.

Then the Warlock Engineer fired it's Doomrocket at the Black Orcs, hitting them bang in the centre and killing a whopping 15 of the brutes.

In the combat phase the Orc Archers managed to break the Skaven Slaves - as they took enough casualties to put them out of range of the Grey Seer's leadership. The resulting damage from their Cornered Rats rule killed another 2 Black Orcs. Then the Black Orcs continued to chop through the unit of Slaves it was facing but they took yet more casualties, leaving only the Warboss and 5 other Black Orcs standing at the end of the turn.

24-07-2011, 10:49
Turn 4 - Orcs & Goblins

With all the banners and both Generals still in the game, everything was still to play for.

The Orc Archers charged into the flank of the remaining Skaven Slaves (already in combat with the Black Orcs), while the Night Goblin horde decided to oblige the Plague Monks and finally get into combat with them.

Up in the top right, the Night Goblin archers attempted a swift reform to face and shoot at the Gutter Runners. But they failed their test.

The magic phase, the Savage Orcs were transported across the table by an enormous green hand, taking up position for a flank charge in later turns. This was of course cast with irresistible force again - the second Orc magic phase where I'd held back dispel dice for such a spell and could never use them.

In the shooting phase the Spider Riders took out one of the Warpfire Throwers, and one of the Spear Chuckas misfired and was destroyed.

Combat saw plenty of casualties this turn. It started with the Black Orcs and Orc Archers easily breaking the remaining Slaves. The Black Orcs were down to just 4 models though - the command group and the Black Orc Warboss (who had taken a wound in an earlier turn). The Orc Archers overran and managed to roll high enough to make the 9" gap that would get them into the flank of the Plague Monks.

Then it was time to resolve the massive combat between the Night Goblin horde, the remnants of the Plague Monks and the newly arrived Orc Archers. Through a little luck, the Plague Monks decimated the Night Goblins. Through their Plague Banner for re-rolls, and a misfire from the Plague Furnace with a roll of 6 (every model in the unit gets to attack again as if it hadn't yet attacked) a total of 47 Night Goblins were slain, and a handful of Orcs also fell to the surge of rotting rodent fur. The Plague Monks took loses as well though and only 7 survived.

The Night Goblins and Orc Archers were both steadfast and held.

24-07-2011, 10:49
Turn 4 - Clan Skrit

With three Orc units now dangerously close to being wiped out, the Skaven were looking like they might be able to push a win (with a little luck and no silly mistakes - guess what :)).

So realising that the Plague Monks weren't likely to repeat their last turns performance and needing to take away the Orcs and Goblins steadfast, the Clanrats accompanying the BSB charged into the Orc Archers flank.

The other unit of Clanrats pushing Screaming Bell reformed to avoid any flank charges from the Savage Orcs.

The Doomwheel moved to try and hit the flank of the Night Goblins, but fell short.

In the magic phase, the Screaming Bell cast Scorch on the Savage Orcs, but only managed to kill a couple.

In the shooting phase the Warpfire Thrower planted a shot on the Spider Riders, but only managed to kill 1.

Then in combat, the added weight of the Clanrats managed to break the Night Goblins and Orc Archers, but not before they had wiped out the last of the Plague Monks pushing the Plague Furnace.

The Clanrats failed to catch the Orc Archers. They also failed to roll high enough to make the 4" they needed to hit the last of the Black Orcs - which would prove to be a big issue next turn.

24-07-2011, 10:50
Turn 5 - Orcs & Goblins

So I forgot to take pictures of the final turn, but it was fairly short!

With the Night Gobins and Orc Archers fleeing last turn, 3 of their banners had been claimed. With a breaking point of 3, the current scores stood at 5 left for the Skaven (Grey Seer + 3 banners) and 5 for the Orcs (Black Orc Warboss + 3 banners).

The Orcs declared a series of charges against the Clanrats containing the BSB and Warlock Engineer. These worked out as follows:

Orc Chariot - Clanrats held
Black Orcs - Clanrats flee

I (the Skaven player if you hadn't already realised) knew that if I held the Savage Orcs would be the next to declare a charge, and the Clanrats couldn't hold up against all three. So I chose the Black Orcs as the ones to flee from hoping to pop out the other side of the Screaming Bell and still be in the game. However I rolled up pretty low and the Orc Chariot caught them - and the game was over :cries:

Game over - victory to the Orcs & Gobins

24-07-2011, 10:51
Post Battle Thoughts

Clan Skrit
So that wasn't exactly the ending I had in mind! I had hoped to get the Clanrats out of the way and then use the Grey Seer/Clanrats to take out the Orc generals unit. But it wasn't to be. With my combat units gone, it was always going to be tricky getting those last couple of points off the Orcs - even with their depleted units.

The Orc magic was pretty devastating, and combined with a couple of mistakes in deployment meant the Skaven were fighting uphill a lot of the game (they had started 3 points down on the Orcs anyway!).

Overall I enjoyed the game. Look forward to the rematch!

Orcs & Goblins
- The game was quite close, but i always felt like I was in control as I had so many banners.
- My lucky foot of gork put you on the back foot straight away, maybe i didn't capitalise on that advantage
- With hindsight, I probably shouldn't have overrun with my archers, i wanted to try and help out the night goblins, but i think they may have made things worse.
- Skaven can do a scary amount of damage sometimes, i think i lost over 40 night goblins in one round of combat
- I really can't believe your luck with the warplightning cannon!!

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
20-08-2011, 21:05
Nice report, I enoyed reading it:)

21-08-2011, 05:49
Umm the ole doomwheel is immune to pych my friend.

Further should not the plague priest get the preservation ward? He is the pricier character.

21-08-2011, 09:44
Umm the ole doomwheel is immune to pych my friend.

Fair point - I hadn't noticed that. To be honest I still struggle with the sheer number of special rules Skaven units seem to have!

Further should not the plague priest get the preservation ward? He is the pricier character.

To be honest I'm not sure I'd agree. Although the Plague Priest is more expensive, the Plague Furnace and Plague Monks can quite happily carry on without him. Whereas the Skaven BSB is pretty important for the army as a whole.

Thanks for reading.

The Other
21-08-2011, 13:01
How could a Spear Chukka Misfire?

Nice battle report! keep it up

21-08-2011, 14:45
How could a Spear Chukka Misfire?

Nice battle report! keep it up

Check the latest O&G book. I think it's if they roll a 1 to-hit then it's a misfire and you roll on the Stone Thrower misfire chart. It's only O&G bolt throwers though (so far).

31-08-2011, 12:29
[QUOTE=tarrym;5726097]Check the latest O&G book. I think it's if they roll a 1 to-hit then it's a misfire and you roll on the Stone Thrower misfire chart. QUOTE]

you think correctly :D

Great read, really enjoyed it! Keep them comming! Waagh!

01-09-2011, 08:06
Very interesting read and detailed battle report. What program did you used fir the map? Want ti try it for my battle report as well.

01-09-2011, 22:50
At first glance, I noticed that the skaven army is not legal.
It is only 735 points in core, you need at least 750 points in a 3k army. This match is not valid really.
Can't be arsed to read through it when it's not valid. Nice pictures tho.

02-09-2011, 16:33
At first glance, I noticed that the skaven army is not legal. It is only 735 points in core, you need at least 750 points in a 3k army.

You have a fair point, and one I hadn't spotted. I tend to use a custom spreadsheet to put together army lists, and in bigger lists I don't always remember to scroll down to see the % breakdown. Apologies to my opponent.

In my defence it was actually 739.5 on core which is 24.65% - only 10.5pts out. But nice to know you spent your first glance checking the maths before deciding not to read the rest :)

02-09-2011, 17:30
Foot of gork is mean...

Which is why I use it all the time ;)

Nice report.

And who cares about 10.5 points :)

05-09-2011, 19:39
Very interesting read and detailed battle report. What program did you used fir the map? Want ti try it for my battle report as well.

Thanks. I use Battle Chronicler for the report maps, it's free and very easy to use. You can even import you're own scenery images - which I will try eventually. Checkout my main Battle Reports (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=283785) thread for a link, or of course just google it :)