View Full Version : SoM: Assaulting Arcane Fulcrums

25-07-2011, 16:26
Hey Guys,

Last sunday we were playing a game of Warhammer with the Storms of Magic expansion. One of the wizards was occupying an Arcane Fulcrum and got charged by a steamtank.

In the rules it stated that the wizard could by charged by any unit type. Does this also include steamtanks and such? And if steamtanks can charge a wizard on a Fulcrum does it suffer impact hits?

We found it a little confusion as to what an arcane fulcrum really is.. Is it a building and does the wizard count as being inside it, or is the wizard on top of the building? And what does this do to benefits? Does the Fulcrum count as hard cover?


25-07-2011, 16:29
They are clearly stated as buildings with a few exceptions. Read the rules on buildings.