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vinny t
25-07-2011, 19:52
With the coming of 8th edition many gamers decided charging had become inconsequential. They would sit back with their units of 50 infantry and just wait till one unit or the other charged. The days of redirecting and speedbumps had turned into days of crushing combats and overwhelming magic. Well I disagree. Waiting till the proper moment to charge is very important because of one thing, support. Knowing how to properly support your charge is vital when playing against a similarly strong unit.

Now supporting a charge is best done with magic, especially if you have magical superiority. I take a lore of light slaan and I can count on one hand the number of combats I've been in without magical support on one of my big units. So for me, getting the charge often means getting WS10 and I10 or ASF and +1A. Those buffs are vital when playing against a 40 strong regenerating GG unit or anything that can give my Saurus a run for their money.

Another way of supporting a charge is a combo charge. This can be done with a steadfast survivable infantry unit plus a monster or basically anything. A very important thing to remember however is not to commit with a weak infantry unit that relys on steadfast and a non stubborn monster. The unit that was charged will kill the weak unit for CR and have the monster run.
The best combo charge is obviously a flank/rear charge. What is great about these is the bonus CR for the flank or rear as well as a reduced number of attacks back.

So now comes the part of how to ensure you are the charger. Speedbumps, redirectors, sacrificial units, whatever you want to call them, these are the bread and butter to charging. Use these to force enemy units into bad angles or undesirable reforms by parking these units at odd angles. A good strategy also can be putting a sacrificial unit in front of a killy unit with a support unit on the side. Force the enemy unit to charge the sacrifice and they can either overrun into your strong unit, ready to be supported next turn or reform and forced to be charged next turn.

Anyway I'd like to hear some thoughts on this.

25-07-2011, 20:15
Yes, well, I don't think my Warriors army has any augment spells whatsoever.

The Warshrine still counts, though, but you can't really dispell it, can you?

Usually all of my units are Frenzied, which makes charging so much easier.
This also has the added advantage that I have yet to regret making a frontal charge with one of my units without any support. At all.

So no, charging has become pretty obsolete to me but then again, I'm the one who does it, usually.

Da GoBBo
25-07-2011, 22:02
Vinny, you have allready been very thorough; a very nice read. Thanks :) One can deathstar/magic ones way through but that has never really been my thing, so than it comes to movement. Maybe the role of actuall charging has diminished this edition, but 'zoneing' or whatever you want to call it has become important. When the **** hits the fan you want to be the one that decides where and how that is going to happen because I agree it's all about who gets to do most of the flanking (when you do approach warhammer as a movementgame). The key than to dominating the battlefield is to break up the other players line, a game of push and lure and clever deception. I love that game and it requires a sufficient amount of supportunits.

I agree with all you wrote down, lest for the magic part, but we just don't play that heavy on magic to make for the difference you describe.

25-07-2011, 23:31
I've always found it more important to take the iniative and stipulate the pace of the game. It's equally important to get the charge as it is to make the enemy charge the right unit.

As a bretonnia player I have found it very important to get the charge (obviously since the lances only works that way) and to charge a small unit to get the free reform. It's great to charge a small unit, overrun into another unit, butcher that unit in your opponents close combat phase, reform and charge in your own round.

26-07-2011, 00:46
Charging lets you dictate the matchup, support with magic, and add in supporting units. Charging is hugely important, but still much less important than it was last edition.