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26-07-2011, 04:19
Hey guys,

One of my friends and I were talking about this and we just want to be sure about the Mark of Nurgle when it comes to Warriors of Chaos.

The book quotes as" Any enemy unit targeting a model with the Mark of Nurgle is at -1 to hit for shooting attacks and -1 Weapon Skill when in base contact with the bearer".

Now, the shooting one makes perfect sense. The part we want to be solid on is the -1 to Weapon Skill while in base contact. This means, that no matter whose turn it is, whether it be me making the attack or my opponent attacking me, that their weapon skill is always -1 while in base contact with me?

Essentially, this makes it harder for him to hit me, but easier for me to hit him?

Just want to be sure!



26-07-2011, 04:41
It was errata'd:

Only affects him when targeting you. Purely defensive upgrade.

26-07-2011, 04:50
Alright, sorry about that. Thanks!