View Full Version : Help with lizardmen, unit sizes and general list composition

26-07-2011, 18:41
So I was given an army by a friend of mine.. I have 55 skinks 25 saurus, skink priest, 1 salamander and 4 handlers, 18 temple gaurd, slann Mage, 2 jungle swarms, 4 Kroxigors, a custom, oldblood on cold one(modded to look like horned one, saurus scar vet( modded to look like gor - rok) and two terradon riders( skink chiefs for warmachine hunting)

So my question.. Can I run a viable list without additions? And how should I run the skinks? (two units 25x and 30x with or without krox?) horde or non horde?

Any help would be great:-)

vinny t
26-07-2011, 19:01
Are the skinks skirmishers? Or just ranked up skinks?

If ranked up, run the skinks with kroxigors, 1 unit of 24 skinks and 3 kroxigors and 1 unit of 11 skinks and 1 kroxigor.

Slaan and 18 TG is a good unit.

Priest lvl 1 with a cube of darkness is always good

Jungle swarms are pretty poor

Scar vet on cold one with burning blade and charmed shield is good

try to get a third terradon to run a unit of 3. Chiefs on terradons aren't very good.

Salamanders are gold.

So a list something like this...

Scar Vet on Cold One
25 Saurus
24 Skinks and 3 Kroxigor
11 Skinks and 1 Kroxigor
18 TG
1 Salamander

That should run around 2000ish points