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27-07-2011, 12:36
I was thoroughly kicked to the curb by a reasonably competitive looking Empire army (silly amounts of gunpowder and generating more dispel dice than I was power dice) so I have re-written the list a bit and was looking for a little bit of feedback on it from my fellow warseerites.


Tyrant - Tenderiser; Crown of Command; Heavy armour; Mawseeker
Slaughtermaster - Talisman of preservation; Cookbook; Ironcurse Icon


Bruiser - BSB; Runemaw; Mawseeker
Butcher - DS


16 Bulls - SB; M; Ironfists
16 Bulls - SB; M; Ironfists
3 Bulls - (this is a bit of a filler as I am unsure what to do with the points)
45 Gnoblars
45 Gnoblars

Main lessons learned from my game;
1) Do not over rely on gut magic to provide protection - Trollguts and toothcracker didn't come off once :cries:
2) Irongut hordes are not awesome or win :rolleyes:
3) Slaughtermasters on carpets look amazing but in reality get sniped by cannons :cries:
4) Defensive Tyrant builds are not the way forward... He is big and burly.. Make him bigger and burlier :skull:

Questions I have remaining:

1) Is the second Butcher overkill? Do I drop the cookbook and give the SM a DS?
2) How do I deal with warmachines... Trappers and carpet were my answers but neither worked tremendously....
3) Scraplaunchers - Are they as win as is thought...

What do you think boys (ans the occasional girl)

27-07-2011, 13:35

Not much can stand up to an Imperial Gunline if the Empire players know what (s)he is doing. So maybe you didnt had such a bad amry list in the first place. The list you put down here is a bit plain i think. Not sure this one has enough punch to win a battle. Hordes of Bulls are a pain to take out, but i would say this is way too few units.

Takes different troop types to do different jobs.

Good luck

27-07-2011, 13:43
Surely some Gorgers are in order, even if they just cause some mischief in the backfield rather than actual damage?

27-07-2011, 21:25
So maybe losing a unit of gnoblars and gaining a gorger is appropriate... I like that (less to paint) :-)

How about a couple of lone man eaters as well? Send them warmachine hunting or take out annoying detachments....

It wasn't a true true gun line... He had some flagellants, greatswords and swordsmen. There were 3 mortars and 3 cannons though....