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plague docter
27-07-2011, 14:58
General plan for my army list using the last Codex, Ill be playing against brets (2 units of 15 KoR and large units of men at arms)and Skaven.

Borc WB, Battleaxe of the Last Waaagh!

Orc Great Shaman, lvl4 wizard.


NG Shaman, Lvl2 Wizard.

80NG with spears, 3 Fanatics, Nets and Command.

20NG with Bows, 3 Fanatics.

40Borcs, Command.

That leaves me with about 350-400points
I was thinking a unit of 3 trolls for the vomit attacks on the knights or a doom diver. Anyway any advice on what to spend those points on, and the existing list would be appreciated.


27-07-2011, 16:52
Doom divers will be great.

I don't think you should bother with the support mage in this game, and I definately would cut out the expensive banner.

Another NG horde would be perfect.

Andy p
27-07-2011, 17:08
I actually dont dislike the spider banner from the last book, it may only affect goblins but at least it's only 50 points, not as bad as the current one which costs 85.

Although the new one does affect anyone.....but id like it to be about 65 maybe.

If those 80 goblins had bows that banner could be nasty.

plague docter
27-07-2011, 17:59
Unfortunately the current list is going of models I have at the moment and my next buy will be the codex.

Also the banner price thing is crap I agree, I think they should of kept it like it was, it was perfectly fine only being available to goblins. Could anyone suggest another banner to replace it with?

I was originally going to only have a NG shaman until someone suggested a Lvl 4 Orc great Shaman in another thread I opened.http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=311901

I still cant decide what to do with the excess points, I'll probably get a doom diver, a couple of single trolls to to keep his knights in position for my borcs, o and what do you think of the warboss?


27-07-2011, 18:22
Don't take any banner. Keep him cheap and keep him safe in the bunker.

I'm a fan of big waaagh magic, but then again you might want to just go with a lvl4 night goblin shaman. Spells like the AP one and the vortex could be helpful.

The warboss is ok. I'm all about making warbosses monsters, and either like taking the sword of bloodshed and the potion of strength on a savage orc warboss, or the battle axe of the last waaagh on a black orc warboss. My reasoning is that most characters need 2 rounds to kill me regardless of my defense so it's best I make sure to kill them in 1 round of combat.

plague docter
27-07-2011, 19:29
How did i forget about the BattleAxe, is there a cap on bonuses as ill probably run the Black Orcs 5x8 for the steadfast bonus.Waagh! Cleaver could also be a possibility when facing the knights.


27-07-2011, 19:36
Are you still using the old book?

The cleaver doesn't exist any more, and the battleaxe isn't based on ranks.

plague docter
27-07-2011, 19:44
Yeah i stated on the OP that I'm still using the old/last codex due to my brother not bringing me the new one yet. Anyway I guess I'm not using the cleaver then am I lol.

And oops my bad forgot its rank bonus and not ranks(unless that's changed as well)

Also I need a vote, Orc Shaman or NG Shaman.