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27-07-2011, 18:27
Returning to an old friend, Chaos Warriors! I would appreciate some feedback with regards to 8th edition though, as I have not played a game yet.

LORD - Level 4 Sorcerer Lord (Death magic?) Chaos Steed, Chaos Runesword, Talisman of Endurance, Charmed Shield, Spell Familiar, Conjoined Haemonculus - 414pts.

HERO - Exalted Hero with Mark of Tzeentch, BSB, Talisman of Protection, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might - 195pts.

CORE - 40 Marauders, Mark of Tzeentch, Light armour, shields, full command - 280pts.

CORE - 12 Chaos Warriors, Halberds, Shields, full command - 234pts.

CORE - 12 Chaos Warriors, Halberds, Shields, full command - 234pts.

CORE - 7 Warhounds - 42pts.

CORE - 6 Warhounds - 36pts.

SPECIAL - 5 Chaos Knights, Mark of Tzeentch, Banner of Rage, Full Command - 305pts.

RARE - Chaos Warshrine with Mark of Tzeentch - 150pts.

RARE - 2 Chaos Spawn - 110pts.


Big moving block with stabby flanks of chaos warriors protected by chaos spawn on the sides. knights and warhounds to give some movement. This is mainly to face Skaven, so I thought throwing some ward saves about with the MoT didn't seem a bad idea.




27-07-2011, 19:19
Against Skaven your infantry, particularly expensive infantry, needs to be fielded in either msu style or in larger numbers. Dreaded 13th is going to eat the 12 man warrior units up quickly. After that he has one unit of knights and a sorcerer lord that can do some damage to contend with. Not all that threatening.

I'd drop the shields and MoT on the marauders and take MoK and great weapons. Would give him another threat that he has to worry about and one that he can't get rid of quickly.

I'd also drop the spawn as you don't really have any thing you need the speed bump protection for. Spawn work best in a doom totem+hell cannon list as your opponent will want to tie the cannons up in combat as quickly as he can.

MoT on the knights doesn't seem to have a whole lot of synergy with what you are wanting them to do. A 6++ save is sub par at best. Combined with the Blasted Standard however it would get them a 4++ against missles which would get them to combat relatively intact vs warmachine fire. I think a better mark would be the mark of nurgle as the -1 to hit from shooting will make small arms fire more difficult and the -1ws will help them in combat as clan rats go from 4's to 5's to hit.

All in all a solid first attempt at 8th. I'd drop the spawn first to get the points for the other changes .

27-07-2011, 21:43
Thanks for the suggestions Morax, looking at facing Skaven is a different prospect for me as I am more used to facing the likes of elves of a variety of flavours more than anything else. :)

I need to be fielding more threats then? - ok, will go and work something out ;)

AN EDIT: So if I turn marauders into MOK and great weapons, and swap the MOT for an MON on the Knights, drop the spawn I have about 130pts. to spend. But what on?