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27-07-2011, 18:42
I just put togheter my Azhag model and it will get some paint then he will be ready for battle.

What is the optimal use of him?

Having a couple of goblin shamans to bring out dice from opponent and then hope for some death magic wounding so you get new power dice so the orc shamans can start throwing spells around.

Have you used him then give me some advice and stories.

27-07-2011, 18:47
He's a fun wizard but don't forget he's an orc warlord first and foremost and probably your general.

Greenies need their general badly and sitting on a wyvern makes him a large target for your enemies. Get him into combat with a suitable target asap and start kicking heads. The magic is great but don't loiter around the field trying to cast spells if it could get him killed.

Also try to keep him within 18 inch of your most important troops to use his leadership and animosity rerolls.

27-07-2011, 20:39
Use him in SoM games. In those, you are not quite so reliant on your general and rank and filers. He's capable of either hopping on a fulcrum himself or flying around, blasting stuff and attacking enemy mages on their fulcrums.

He'll probably die most games, but be fun in all of them.

Take a truthsayer too, to try and heal him throughout the game.

27-07-2011, 20:42
Every time I've used him he has exploded on turn 1 due to miscasts. So hopefully your mileage will vary!

27-07-2011, 22:31
Lore of Death,... SOULBLIGHT?!?!!?!? Best spell in the game. also, he can run up the flank and zip a purple sun down the battle line if you wanted.