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27-07-2011, 23:11
Hi there,
I am taking my dark Elves to the throne of skulls in October,I've already got my ticket(got it the day they were released)and now I'm painting them.basically my friend and I did a list which is largely based around combat/magic,I was wondering what everyone thought?
Any tweaks and c+c is welcome here goes:

Sorcerer lord=315
dagger,level4,seal of ghrond,shadow

heavy armour,shield,sdc,dark steed,sword of might,pendant,crown of command,dragonhelm,general

Death hag=225

full command,shields

full command,sea serpent standard,xhw

full command,shields,standard of discipline



19xwitch elves=240
full command,banner of murder

18xblack guard=279
Full command,flaming banner

1xwar hydra=175

Well that's what I've got so far I like the unkillable dread build,and the witches are just awesome.
Well guys please tell me what you think,I want to be competitive but at the same time I want other people to enjoy the game aswell,thanks in advance kizzer :)


27-07-2011, 23:46
Don't suppose you've got a spare ticket? I missed out, very gutting... so now I'm just coaching over lists to bask in reflected glory :(

Fairly similar list to mine, I go Shade heavy with a level 1 over Black Guard because I find them to be better. Seriously, the level 1 is one of the best things in my list.

There a a few places you can skin a few points away though:

The Seal of Ghrond isn't really necessary, dropping it will allow you to put the Dreadlord on a Peg.

Standard of Discipline is pointless- most of the time, your level 4 and BSB will be next to each other (if you watch any of my recent battle reports, they hardly ever go far apart). Also, as long as you deploy your stabby bunker carefully, they shouldn't take many ld tests. The main strength of the SoD is that is increases your generals ld, in this case it doesn't because your general is the Dreadlord.

The bunker is also a bit too big- 18 is about the most you'll need. The champion is also not really necessary.

Champions on the Witches, Black Guard and Corsairs are also a bit surplus.

I'd swap the flaming banner onto the Witches, and put the AP banner on the Black Guard. Poison and so very many attacks will make short work of abombs and hydras.

All the points you save, I would put either into the level 1 or more shades- units of 10 with extra hand weapons are, in my opinion, the best choice in the Dark Elf book after the Cauldron.

28-07-2011, 00:48
No sorry I don't have a spare ticket mate :(.I was actually hoping you were gonna go to pick up some tips,and to buy you a beer lol,but I get what you meen about the banners on the witches/black guard I'll swap them over.
I was thinking of a level 1 fire with a dispell scroll but I wanted alot of models on the table for more awe factor when people see 127 elf on a table lol.by the way if you don't make it to the GT there is the Yorkshire open held at warhammer world on 2nd of September and I think it's the same points limit as the GT and the price is 25.:)

28-07-2011, 01:50
Oooh, Yorkshire Open sounds interesting... where can I find details? I can't see owt on TWF...

28-07-2011, 08:09
What I'll do is I can ask the manager at my local store how to get tickets and I'll PM you the details so you can get a ticket if you'd like?
I was wondering,what do you think about me taking out the hydra to put in a level 2 fire wizard with a dispel scroll?

28-07-2011, 08:11
That'd be great, yes please!

Personally, I'd say keep the hydra- but I would recommend the second mage over a second hydra, I think it's a better choice.