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28-07-2011, 03:09
Let me first start out by saying that I have not yet played any 8th edition games, and in fact haven't played fantasy in quite a while.

Ive been looking over various threads and watching numerous battle reports and such, and I believe I've come up with a fairly balanced list. However, as I haven't played in this edition yet I would still like some input.

Also, I've tried to shy away from Khainite units as they don't really fit into my army's fluff. However, from what i understand a Cauldron is pretty much a staple in most lists. And if that single unit would make my army that much more competitive, I might try to think of some way to convert something a bit less "Witchy."

Thanks in looking.

Supreme Sorceress: Lore of Shadow, Level 4, Sacrificial Dagger: 285 pts.

Sorceress: Lore of Fire, Dispel Scroll : 125 pts.

Master: BSB, Cold One, Great Weapon, Heavy Armor, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Pendant of Khaeleth: 174 pts.

Repeater Crossbowmen x10: Musician: 105 pts.

Repeater Crossbowmen x10: Musician: 105 pts.

Warriors x25: Champ, Standard, Musician, Shields: 185 pts.

Dark Riders x5: Musician, Repeater Crossbows: 117 pts.

Dark Riders x5: Musician, Repeater Crossbows: 117 pts.

Shades x8: Additional Hand weapons: 136 pts.

Cold One Knights x7: Champ, Standard, Musician: 229 pts.

Black Guard x18: Champ, Standard, Musician, Standard of Hag Graef: 239 pts.

Hydra: 175 pts.

Total: 1992

28-07-2011, 03:26
Black Guard don't need the ASF standard, I6 and re-rolls in everyone of combat means they'll only benefit vs High Elves and Daemonettes, whereas as giving them the Banner of Murder (armour piercing) will benefit them against a lot of other armies.

2 units of Dark Riders is a bit unnecessary, 2 units of harpies would be a good replacement. Personally, I'd drop both units of dark riders, drop maybe 8 warriors as well as their shields and champion, and put the saved points into a unit of Corsairs.

I'd give the Master the Sword of Might for the magical attacks, and to allow him to use his good initiative, and put him on a horse for the extra movement.

28-07-2011, 03:58
I'd replace the dark riders with harpies (2 units of 6 should do the job, 132 points, and they fly, much better then DR's imho)

With those left over points, fill out your Black Guard unit to at least 20 strong, drop the Hag Graef standard and give them banner of Murder (I did this, and my Black Guard tear up everything including knights).

Bar the Shades, I like the army list ^^ I'd rather take Frenzied Corsairs, but im bias coz mine got extremely lucky in combat and killed 7 Chaos Knights, now I think their the best thing since sliced bread (Now my mates Warmachine and Handgun them to death :( )