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28-07-2011, 03:49
Hey, after alot of games since I started my army, i've come up with what I hope is a monster of an army:


-Heavy Armour; SDC; Shield; Cold One; Dragonbone Helm; Pendant of Khaeleth; Crown of Command; Sword of Might;
-280 Pts


-Lv 2, Power Familiar, Lore of Shadow

-Heavy Armour, SDC, Halberd, Battle Standard

-Additional Hand Weap, RXB, Cloak of Twilight (Flying assassins? YUS)


Spearmen x 24
-Full Command, Shields

RXBowmen x 18

Corsairs x 20
Full Commant, Sea Serpent Banner

Harpies x 6


Cold One Knights x 10
Full Command

Black Guard x 24
-Full Command, Champ has Ironcurse Icon, Banner of Murder


2 Reaper Bolt Thrower

War Hydra

Right, just to explain the silly Lord, Steed of Shadows is the plan with him, normal march of 14", then make him fly 20" and wreak havok. The Cloak of Twilight is Steed of Shadows bound spell, and No, it hasn't been errata'd, i've checked. Only one unit of harpies, because I can fly chars at will and a flying Assassin.

10 Cold One Knights? Yes. Support attacks from cavalry are awesome (I've played an Empire player who uses his knights in a 2x5 formation, and its brutal to take down). And the Black Guard have a 6+ ward vs War Machines because it costs 5 points. Save one guy, points paid off and then some.

You guys may think im mental with the army list, but hey, its why i'm here, I wanna know where it can be improved ^^


28-07-2011, 04:19
I think you're still in the 7th edition mentality of being able to charge with Steed of Shadows? Unfortunately, it now just lets you make a flying move as if it were the remaining moves phase- so sadly, no Steed charges. If you want a flying Dreadlord, I run the same build but on a Peggysaurusrex.

Interesting that you haven't put a Cauldron in when you've said you're going for a very competitive list... also interesting that you have no shades or Witches.

Shadow on a level 2 isn't such a good idea, there are a lot of spells in the lore that will not help you much.

The assassin isn't really kitted out to get anything done... if you want a shooty assassin, you'll do much better with Rending Stars/Manbane.

Reapers, compared to shades, are a fairly poor investment.

I'd drop the champion upgrade on the knights, and give them the ASF banner. Combined with a Cauldron, they have some serious staying power.

28-07-2011, 06:56
Hmmm Yeah, no steed charges, but at least it would cause the opponent to either turn round (fly behind ofc) or get rear-charged. Same with the assassin, tbh, I may change his cloak for summat more character-killing. Tbh, the Lore of Shadow is taken for the debuffs and the like (Yes, debuff, im a WoW player XD) and I want to at least try it out. The reaper is in there to make up for lost firepower (I used to run 2 units of 10 RXB) and the extra Knight/Monster killing ability.

I would take the ASF banner, but I has no room >< and yeah, im dropping the champ upgrade to free up points. I'm gonna test this list, then make improvements based on your suggestions and see what works and what I like playing with ^^ (This is my first list where i've actually taken Harpies too :O). I'm still finding that perfect fit for me as far as playing with Dark Elves go. I have tried shades, but I thought they were at bit to expensive when I can take harpies that can do the job of killing shooters and war machines for a cheaper cost (I am aware, that that statement may show how much of a noob I am if shades ain't used as Shooter/Warmachine killers ><)

28-07-2011, 07:26
Shades do take some getting used to, I had plenty of games where I threw mine away- to the extent that I stopped taking them. Then I started taking a small unit, then a couple of small units, and now I take 2 units of 10. If you follow the link in my sig to my battle reports, you can see some of the mischief they get up to :)

28-07-2011, 09:03
Your Black Guard has a unit max on it of 20, so that leaves you with 50 point to invest elsewhere.

I would also decrease you number of spearmen, get rid of the harpies and increase your corsairs. Personally i would rather have shades then harpies to have as hunters behind my enemies line.

Best of luck on the list!

Count Zero
28-07-2011, 09:43
what is a power familiar? do they still exist? your sorceress is a Lvl 2 so that's 135pts. what's the MI for 15pts?

28-07-2011, 21:02
i think he means focus familiar. anyway i would recommend a lvl 4 sorceress as a no-brainer for any list, not only for the awesome magic potential but for the crucial +4 on the dispell. I think it's the only defense the druchii can have apart from dispell scrolls and seal of ghrond. And I personally like Death Hag BSB better on a Cauldron of Blood, but that's just personal choice.