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28-07-2011, 09:53
Ok, having seen the new VC Zombie Dragon model and knowing my love for anything to do with zombies, i've decided to make a fun little list based around the two.

My plan for this list is to have my Vampire lord on the new dragon model as my only character, then literally spend the rest of my points on nothing but zombies. I know it's not the most competetive of lists, but it'll be great fun to field

The main thing I'm wondering is how best to equip my lord. I know he needs the best protection possible, being my only character, but even just him and the dragon without upgrades comes to 480pts. I was thinking of making him magic heavy, to buff and raise my zombies, but that's an points-expensive route to take and i think i'll have enough zombies to avoid having to raise more in-game

So i'm basically wondering how would you equip this lord? What route would you take with him (combat, magic, etc)?

Also is pure zombies really a great option to include with him (last time i checkied i'm looking at about 500 zombies) or would a couple of Varghulfs and corpse carts a good idea to go in there too? Remember i'm not looking for a super competitive, just a damn fun list to play

I'm aiming for about 3000pts with this list, so the lord needs to be about 750pts or less. Most of my experimental lists i've made have him at about 700pts but i'm sure i can find a more optimised loadout for him.

Thanks in advance guys

28-07-2011, 17:07
The list may look fun to play on the surface, but any player (even a non-competitive one) will see that big 'ol dragon & big 'ol vampire lord as a big 'ol target and nail him with a big 'ol cannonball or what have you. When that happens all those zombies will almost instantly fall apart (not that they wouldn't when they actually reached combat anyway).

Wristbands of Black Gold would be a must, and even that won't save him in the long run. As for the rest of his gear, if you go magic-heavy that zombie dragon will go to waste since you generally don't want a magic-heavy character to get into combat. I think your best bet is to either go combat heavy and load your army up with cheap necromancers or put someone else on the dragon and keep your magic-general on foot in a unit. (or do what I do and use zombie dragon models as your varghulfs)

As for the rest of it, I'd say throw in some corpse carts because wagons full of zombies are just as fun as hordes of zombies. And perhaps toss in some ghouls to be your fast, angry Dawn of the Dead zombies in contrast to your blocks of slow, stupid Shaun of the Dead zombies

28-07-2011, 18:25
Purely zombies is a characterful, but very bad idea. They are useless as "front-line" troops, not even worth the 4 points you pay for them. That's why people rarely take them in the list, and just summon them instead.

If you are dead-set on a zombie theme, your best bet is to kitbash zombies with other models (Grave Guard, Skeletons...) and make Zombie Guard, Armoured Zombies and Zombie Knights (black knights). They won't actually be Zombies, but you get the picture.

29-07-2011, 11:10
i agree with the previous

only zombies means in most cases your boss gets a canonball(boltthrower/warplightning/scrapball etc) to the face and your army is down

a "zombielike" army on the otherhand seems a lot cooler...the idea of armed zombies sounds nice, any idea on how to build em properly, wolf?

another idea if you want zombies, make a necrarch based army, so replace the blooddragon-vampire on the dragon with a more wizardry vampire
get a few "disciples"(ie lower vampires/necromancers) and go zombies for core, graveguard, terrorgheist maybe (still waiting for my wd to have a closer look at it) and then cast the enemy down

29-07-2011, 11:27
500 zombies? A unit of 50 zombies is twice as expensive as a unit of 50 Skaven Slaves... and the Slaves would annihilate the unit whilst taking less than 10 casualties. I don't think an all-zombie army would even be able to put a scratch on any other army.

29-07-2011, 15:43
In my mind, i can catagorise most units in the VC book into two groups. Martial and "Classic" undead;

Martial includes;
*Combat vampires
*Abyssal Terrors
*Grave Guard
*Black Knights

"Classic" Undead include;
*Caster Vampires
*Manfred (of both varietys)
*Zombie Dragons
*Corpse carts
*Spirts of all varietys

Certain things (such as a balck coach) could fit either.

Now thats my interpretation, and many would see it in other ways.

Now, if you stick to the second list more, you can still have a themed army, but have a slight edge of competativeness aswell.

Some things to consider;
*Lore of Light Vampire works well on zombies
*I would be very tempted for an ethereal vampire bsb in a unit of wights w. Banshee. In 2k, you could get 2 banshees and 7 wights in two units.
*Try converting things like stae troops and ogres with greenstuff to be unit fillers/champions in your zombie units.

Hope that helps.


29-07-2011, 17:01
Right having read the new white dwarf and aboutthe updates to banshees/ the new Terrorghiest, new plan is:

Lord on foot, tooled up probably for a tonne of magic

1 or two banshees

2-3 Necromancers

500 Zombies, cut into three units of 100 and 4 units of 50

2 corpse carts to keep the horde moving and using balefire (i think) to screw over the enemy's magic

Grave Guard modelled as zombies, to protect my lord and look cool

Terrorgheist fielded as Rare choice, rather than a mount, so it's not so bad if it takes a cannonball to the face (it doesn't take the general with it)

Maybe a couple of Varghulfs if i have the points

How about that? I'll put up a full list after i've worked out the maths and numbers when i get home

29-07-2011, 17:18
Sounds pretty awesome, maybe see if you can drop one or 2 necromancers to add in one or 2 wraiths just for a bit of killing omph in your non zombie units(0) or for some flanking death fun.

One thing though in my opinion you must do and thats give one of the necromancers the staff of noirot hehehe

29-07-2011, 19:04
Sounds awsomesauce. I wouldnt take vargulfs personally, instead i would build some spirit hosts/wraiths.

Also, consider a lv.2 vampire w. Forbidden lore (light). WS10 I10 Zombies works a treat.