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28-07-2011, 19:47
I am in the process of making 3-D tiles for my Warhammer quest. I Have all the tiles for the Core, Lair and Catacombs cout out. Im now cutting out the extra ones. I'm only doing the GW ones not the fan made ones at the moment. I have the Skaven Lab, the Sewers, the pits and traps, Goal, the dead end, and the spirel Stair. What am I missing? I seem to remember one with and anvil. I also found someone selling a WHQ on Ebay and it had some extra tiles and was wondering if anyone could identify them for me.

Also could someone measure the bottom of the archways for me as I dont have any yet.


This is the tiles in question.



PS Ill be posting my 3-d tiles in a thread on the fantasy projects page.

29-07-2011, 23:51
I've never seen those four before - I'm assuming they're home made. Are you making a log of your tiles? There's a few of us at it at the moment, might be good to compare ideas.

Send me a pm with your email address I've got the lava pit (the one with the anvil - not the fire chasm), the Khorne skulls room as well as the rotating bridge saved on my computer. I'll send them to you (as well as any others if I find any - can't think of any others though)