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29-07-2011, 10:56
I played Tomb Kings with their release in 6th edition. Sold the army a couple of years ago but with the new release I'm all excited again! I'm planning on a army mostly for the looks, but I don't want to have my ass stomped on every game either - here's where you come in; would the following list compete enough in competetive play? If it doesn't, how would you change it for the better?

Tomb Kings - 2400pts

Tomb Prince - 154pts
Great Weapon
Armour of Silvered Steel, Dragonbane Gem

Liche Priest - 130pts
Hierophant, Level 2
Dispell Scroll

20 Skeleton Archers - 120pts

20 Skeleton Archers - 120pts

20 Skeleton Archers - 120pts

6 Skeleton Horse Archers - 84pts

6 Skeleton Horse Archers - 84pts

6 Skeleton Horse Archers - 84pts

5 Necropolis Knights - 370pts
Standard Bearer, Musician, Entombed Beneath the Sands

5 Necropolis Knights - 370pts
Standard Bearer, Musician, Entombed Beneath the Sands

30 Tomb Guard - 400pts
Standard Bearer, Musician, Banner of the Undying Legion

Casket of Souls - 135pts

Necrosphinx - 225pts

TOTAL: 2396pts

A little about how I plan it too work;
*Prince goes with Tomb Guard in horde formation to make an awesome killy unit.
*Casket and horsemen take care of enemy warmachines in the early game while rest of army setup for as devastating combats as possible (5 necroknights in the rear = pain!).
*I choose to stick with a level 2 wizard because I plan on throwing 6 dice at the casket, thus a level 4 would be excessive. Any excess dice I get will be for supporting spells.
*Incase the wizard dies (since he's got no protection) I still got the prince to keep the army from crumbeling. The banner in the tomb guard unit and casket makes my magic phase a threat even if the wizard would die.
*I think a King (instead of prince) with the mask would be a really nice addition to this list but I'm kinda low on points.

And lastly...
No chariots, cause they mess with ma theme! Although all other core choices seem very sub-par...
Necrosphinx is there because I've got an awesome model idea for him:angel:

So, advice? Thanks! :D

Von Wibble
29-07-2011, 15:51
Looks OK. Personally I prefer the warsphinx to the necrosphinx, but you've already mentioned the model.

Without chariots its difficult to specify what you can improve. I think your magic is too weak (6 dice at casket could well cause an early miscast, making the casket useless and leaving you just 1 wizard) - I'd get a second priest at level 1. I'd consider giving the Hierohant the 6+ ward against war machine fire.

Necropolis knights are very powerful, but could you get away with 4 per unit to afford the priest? Also do you need a musician?

I would not trust skeleton horsemen to deal with war machines - I would recommend instead you trade 1 unit for a scorpion, and the other, plus some archers, for an anvil unit of skeleton warriors. I reaslise some points juggling would be needed to ensure the army is legal in terms of core.

sons of osiris
29-07-2011, 18:07
von wibble is right DO not trust skellie horses very much.
and with the knights yes it is best to have a musician that way you have a bigger tactical advantage and can reacte to opponets

29-07-2011, 18:22
Thanks for your replies!

Yeah the musicians makes alot of sense to me atleast. Just popping up in the middle of the field isn't always enough, for just +10pts they can respond better to enemy movement and get into better positions more easily. I also like the units of 5, but it might not be optimal so I could very well swap 2 models of them for something better. Like...?;)

Also, I had the impression that the casket does get to continue using it's bound spell when misacasting? Since it's an "innate" ability (warhammer rulebook p37, Tomb Kings armybook p40). Please correct me if I'm wrong!

The only real problem with this list is the core really, I pretty much got as little core as I must have right now so I can't simply take anything instead of the horsemen. Never really liked skellies in this edition, GW really gotta get their points cost straight - skellies fight badly and are way worse tarpits than skavenslaves, at doubble the cost!!?! But perhaps swapping two of the horsemen units for a larger unit of skeleton warriors is the way to go?

Keep the advice comming:D

29-07-2011, 20:18
You are correct about the casket, 6 dice it all day and laugh when it miscasts.

Dropping the 2 Necroknights would free up points to say upgrade the prince to a king, upgrade the caster, taking a second caster at lvl 1, freeing up the points for a unit of skeles. All in all however you choose to use those extra points I think it would be worth while. The skeleton unit may be best for it would give you a chance to swap a unit of horsemen for a scorpion/tomb swarm.

30-07-2011, 08:39
Core looks ok, a skelly block without magic and/or a tomb prince babysitter won't achieve anything anyway, so I'm ok with your selection. Maybe you can combine 2 light cav units for more efficient warmachine hunting.

If I were in you, I'll seriously try to get the king and possibly a necrotect for your tomb guard unit. Hatred combined with killing blow and ws6 is deadly and the 6+ regeneration is good for your sphinx too, and you'll need the king with DoE in case you need some high S attacks, since you didn't buy (correctly IMHO) halberds for them. Maybe drop 1 unit of sepulchral knight, or just a couple of them, an horsemen, a tombguard or two and maybe drop the lvl 2 on the hiero.

30-07-2011, 18:45
I'm actually kinda happy with the list overall. Only thing I really dislike is the core, and thus I'm considering swapping all the horsemen for a unit of chariots anyway...........:confused:

Is there REALLY no way to make the skeleton warriors a worthwhile choice? Without the inclusion of expensive characters that is...

30-07-2011, 19:47
i thought 40 skeleton warriors was an ok choice, best with a prince of course

31-07-2011, 16:54
Is there REALLY no way to make the skeleton warriors a worthwhile choice? Without the inclusion of expensive characters that is...

Not in this kind of army imho. A warrior unit can be useful in a magic heavy army, when basically you will have double attacks and or killing blow cast every turn. A standard 40 skelly units in the army you have built would be just an hindrance. Get chariots instead, nothing does more damage than chariots in the front and knights in the back (with 10.5 impact hits on average 3 chariots are just AWESOME against anything but hordes right now).

01-08-2011, 15:01
I was actually considering a unit of 4 chariots with the banner of the eternal flame to assist with the monster hunting, however i still dislike the idea of chariots so I think I'll go with 2 units of 30 skellies or so.

I still got a skaven army (and a tyranid army) to finish up so I got some time to think before I start building this army...