View Full Version : Targeting with Gut magic spells?

Es Mors
29-07-2011, 17:22
Hello, I have a question about who I can target with my Butcher. The gut magic lore is pre 8th edition, so none of the spells are designated as augment or hex spells. The BRB, on page 31 says:

"However, unless stated otherwise the following rules apply: The target must lie within the Wizard's forward arc."

In the Ogre Kingdoms army book, the Bulgorger, Toothcracker and Trollguts spells use the wording:

"... a nominated Ogre unit within 6'' of the caster..."

So my question is, must the target lie withing the Butcher's forward arc for these spells?

29-07-2011, 17:28
Read the next paragraph on that page; since the spell has no type and is from an old AB, it specifies all of it's own restrictions, so it can be cast in any direction, amongst other things...

29-07-2011, 18:28
Yes, you still need front arc and LoS, etc.

Es Mors
29-07-2011, 18:30
Well, that was two completely opposite answers. :D

You make a good point, Mr_Rose, can't believe I missed that paragraph. I agree that the spells can be cast in any direction.

29-07-2011, 18:42
Alternatively, just agree with your opponent to houserule them all to Augments, since that's basically what they are, and work from there.